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2021 Kiowa County Junior Livestock Sale Report

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PICT 11J1 Tearle Lessenden
Tearle Lessenden, Kiowa County Extension Agent

Floor plan Price per pound. Beef $1.10/lbs. Jimmy Brown, Swine $.70/lbs. Jensen’s Blue Ribbon and Griffin Livestock. Sheep $2.30/lbs. Eric Ellenberger. Goat $2.75/lbs. Eric Ellenberger. 

  • Grand Champion Beef, Stockton Mitchek, $3000 Eads Consumer Supply. Floor plan $1284.80.
  • Reserve Champion Beef, Aubrey Mitchek, $2000 Colorado Mills. Floor plan $1236.40
  • Grand Champion Swine, Kara Wilson, $2200 GN Bank. Floor plan $191.80
  • Reserve Champion Swine, Ty Wilson, $1900 Legacy Bank. Floor plan $182.70
  • Average Daily Gain Champion, Aspen Nelson $1250 Eads Auto Supply. Floor plan $156.10
  • Grand Champion Poultry Pen of 3 Chickens, Rooney Fehr $450 DW Waste. No floor plan.
  • Reserve Champion Poultry Turkey, Alexa Nelson $500 La Junta Mill and Elevator. No Floor plan.
  • Grand Champion Rabbit Pen of Three, Cade McDowell $350 DW Waste. No Floor plan.
  • Grand Champion Sheep, Koree Ellenberger $1800 Community State Bank. Floor plan $349.6
  • Reserve Champion Sheep, Anthony Paez $1300 Ellenberger Farms. Floor plan $287.50
  • Average Daily Gain Champion, Carmen McPherson $1100 Eastern Slope Telephone and Saffer Spray Service. Floor plan $262.2
  • Grand Champion GoatKoree Ellenberger $1900 Barlow Aerial. Floor plan $209.
  • Reserve Champion Goat, Alexa Nelson $1350 Colorado Mills. Floor plan $195.25.
  • Average Daily Gain Champion, Carmen McPherson $1200 Don Weber. Floor Plan $258.50
  • Average Daily Gain Reserve Champion, Will Crow $1050 Crow’s Stop and Shop. Floor plan $247.5
  • Donation Turkey to Kiowa County 4-H Council, Selena Fehr $700, 719 Supply. $200 Lawrence Farms, $100 Bill & Phlylis Barlow. 

The total of the Premium sale was $82,850. The total for the floor plan was 21,367.20. The Junior Livestock Sale totaled $104,217.20, Five percent of the sale total will be held by the Livestock committee to purchase buyers’ gifts and upkeep of equipment. 

The McDowell Family donated one of there pigs to be auctioned for Wiley Panther Memorial Fund. GN Bank Started the bid at $500 and asked others to match all total $7350 was raised to add to the fund. I’m sorry I don’t have all the names to added to this fund so I don’t want to miss any of them but would like to thank all of those that did help with this great cause. I want to thank all the buyers and add on buyers that have made Kiowa County Livestock sale a success this year and in the past.