PROMO 660 x 440 Miscellaneous - Kiowa County Fairgrounds Grandstand Smoky Sunset - Chris Sorensen

2023 Kiowa County Fair Open Class Placings

Sunset over the Kiowa County, Colorado, fairgrounds northeast of Eads. Chris Sorensen
2023 Kiowa County Fair Open Class Top 3 Placings 
Mandy Adamson6 White Spanish Onions (Globe)1
Mandy Adamson5 tomatoes table use3
Mandy Adamsonembroidered machine stitched wall hanging1
Mandy Adamsonscrapbook 1 page1
Mandy Adamsonbutton extravaganza pinterest1
Mandy Adamsongiant dahlias 1 stem1
Mandy Adamsongladioli2
Mandy Adamsonsingle blossom arrangement2
Mandy Adamsontwo-color combination of flowers2
Mandy Adamsonflower bowl arrangement any single flower2
Mandy AdamsonFlowers Champion
Mandy AdamsonGift pack1
Mandy Adamsonstrawberry jam2
Mandy Adamsonpeach jam1
Mandy Adamsonhot sauce, salsa, taco sauce, picante sauce1
Mandy AdamsonBest of Show - Division 6 Food Preservation
Mandy AdamsonCommissioner's Cookie Jar Blue Award
Mandy Adamsonmachine embroirdered dish towel set set of 6 to 71
Mandy Adamsonmachine emdroirdered pillow case1
Mandy Adamsondecorated sweatshirt1
Mandy Adamsonother baby apparel1
Kemma Alfanoanimals3
Kemma Alfanoother wall hanging1
Kemma Alfanojewelry1
Kemma AlfanoHobby - Champion
Kemma AlfanoSpecial Occasion1
Kemma Alfanodried arrangement1
Kemma Alfanoother crocheted articles medium1
Sharon ArnsAny heirloom itemDisplay only
Sharon Arnsmachine quilted patchwork pieced quilt2
Sharon Arnsmachine quilted panel2
Sharon Arnsmachine quilted patchwork baby quilt1
Joyce Berry6 Bermuda Onions (Flat)1
Joyce Berry3 Zucchini Sqaush1
Joyce Berry3 Yellow Straight or Crook Neck Squash3
Joyce Berry5 tomatoes table use1
Joyce Berry5 green tomatoes1
Joyce Berrygarment2
Joyce Berryatricle of fabric1
Joyce Berrychina or porcelain1
Joyce Berryglass2
Joyce Berrybottles or jars1
Joyce Berrymetal1
Joyce Berrycopper or brass1
Joyce Berrysilver1
Joyce Berrysilverware and or cookware1
Joyce Berrybooks1
Joyce Berrypaper articles1
Joyce Berryprints or originals1
Joyce Berryphotographs1
Joyce Berryjewelry1
Joyce Berrydolls1
Joyce Berrytoys1
Joyce Berryfurniture1
Joyce BerryWood1
Joyce BerryLeather1
Joyce BerryFarm Tools2
Joyce Berrywestern Tack1
Joyce BerryAfgahan1
Joyce BerryPoster1
Joyce BerryAny other Article1
Joyce BerryAntiques/Vintage - Reserve Champion
Joyce BerryAntiques/Vintage - Champion
Joyce Berrypetunias2
Joyce BerryHouse plant must be in bloom1
Joyce Berryhouse plant non-blooming2
Joyce Berrycactus and succulents2
Joyce Berryhydroponics1
Joyce Berrymini arrangement under 3"1
Joyce Berrymini arrangement 3 to 6"1
Joyce Berrymin arrangement other than fresh1
Joyce BerryHouse Plants Reserve Champion
Joyce Berryeducational exhibit include informational card1
Joyce BerryCollections - Champion
Joyce Berryquick bread no nuts and unfrosted1
Joyce Berryzuchinni bread unfrosted1
Joyce Berrymuffins1
Joyce Berryice box cookies2
Joyce Berrychocolate chip drop cookies2
Joyce Berrymolasses cookies1
Joyce BerryBaked Goods - Reserve Champion
Camie Brandt3 Zucchini Sqaush2
Camie Brandt3 Yellow Straight or Crook Neck Squash2
Camie Brandt1 watermelon green solid colored1
Camie Brandt10 cherry, plum, or pear tomatoes3
Camie Brandt6 long green or yellow chili peppers2
Camie Brandt6 jalapeno peppers2
Camie Brandt6 peppers any other varitey2
Camie BrandtOther Vegetable1
Camie BrandtBest of Show - Vine Crops
Camie BrandtGarden - Reserve Champion 
Izzy Brandtpainting2
Izzy Brandtteddy bear best dressed2
Izzy Brandtteddy bear most loved tattered1
Izzy Brandtcoloring book page1
Izzy Brandtrubber stamp or sticker art2
Dana Brownchina or porcelain2
Dana Brownglass1
Dana Brownpaper articles2
Dana BrownFarm Tools1
Dana BrownAny other Article2
Caroline Buckcraft item2
Caroline Buckcrayon art1
Caroline Buckcolored pencil art2
Caroline Buckmarker art3
Caroline Buckpainting1
Caroline Buckceramics1
Caroline Buckrefrigerator magnet1
Caroline Buckholiday item1
Caroline Buckdecorated picture frame1
Caroline Buckplaster, clay, or play dough art1
Caroline Buckbeadwork1
Caroline Buckjewelry1
Caroline Buckteddy bear best dressed1
Caroline Buckwind chime1
Caroline Buckbird house1
Caroline Bucknature art project1
Caroline Bucksheet foam art1
Caroline Buckbaked goods3
Caroline BuckAges 5-8 - Reserve Champion
Lyla Buckteddy bear best dressed1
Lyla Buckcoloring book page3
Lyla Bucknature art project2
Lyla Buckrubber stamp or sticker art1
Tamara Buckhouse plant non-blooming1
Tamara Buckcactus and succulents1
Tamara BuckHouse Plants Champion
Adeline Calvinpainting3
Adeline Calvinother - Children's2
Huxley Calvinother - Children's2
Mia Crowdilled pickles2
Danyelle Deinesanimals 
Danyelle Deinesrural life 
Danyelle DeinesAdvance/Professional Reserve Champion
Danyelle DeinesAdvance/Professional Champion
Danyelle Deinescherry pie1
Danyelle Deinesfudge2
Jett DeinesTrio, Bantam, or Fancy Breeds1
Jett DeinesRooster1
Jett DeinesYouth 9-17 Years Old Reserve Champion Poultry
Jett DeinesYouth 9-17 Years Old Champion Poultry
Jett Deineslego art/structure 2
Jude Deinescookies2
Jude Deineslego art/structure1
Jude DeinesAges 0-4 - Reserve Champion
Dorothy Ellicott5 Red Potatoes1
Dorothy Ellicott3 Zucchini Sqaush1
Dorothy Ellicott3 mini pumpkins, gourds, or squash decorative purpose1
Dorothy Ellicott3 Cucumbers for slicing1
Dorothy Ellicott6 cucumbers for pickling appx 3-4 inch1
Dorothy Ellicott5 tomatoes table use2
Dorothy Ellicott5 green tomatoes3
Dorothy Ellicott10 cherry, plum, or pear tomatoes2
Dorothy Ellicott5 roma tomatoes1
Dorothy Ellicott1 gallon canning tomatoes1
Dorothy Ellicott3 Bell Peppers1
Dorothy Ellicott6 long green or yellow chili peppers1
Dorothy Ellicott6 jalapeno peppers1
Dorothy Ellicott6 peppers any other varitey1
Dorothy Ellicott1 head cabbage1
Dorothy Ellicottyellow snap beans 2 doz pod1
Dorothy Ellicott2 eggplant fruit1
Dorothy Ellicottrhubarb 6 stalks1
Dorothy Ellicottgrapes 3 bunches1
Dorothy EllicottCollective Gardening1
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show - Root Crops
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show - Other Vegetables
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show Fruits
Dorothy EllicottGarden - Champion
Dorothy Ellicottbooks2
Dorothy Ellicottroses1
Dorothy Ellicottsnapdragon1
Dorothy Ellicottdahlias1
Dorothy Ellicottgiant dahlias 1 stem2
Dorothy Ellicottgladioli1
Dorothy Ellicottother variety large flower 1 stem1
Dorothy Ellicottcosmos1
Dorothy Ellicottmarigolds1
Dorothy Ellicottpetunias3
Dorothy Ellicottmini roses1
Dorothy Ellicottsingle blossom arrangement1
Dorothy Ellicottone varitey arrangement1
Dorothy Ellicotttwo-color combination of flowers1
Dorothy Ellicottflower bowl arrangement any single flower1
Dorothy Ellicottother arrangement1
Dorothy EllicottFlowers Reserve Champion
Dorothy EllicottGift pack2
Dorothy Ellicottcherries sweet1
Dorothy Ellicottpeaches1
Dorothy Ellicottpears1
Dorothy Ellicottplums1
Dorothy Ellicotttomato juice1
Dorothy Ellicotttomatoes1
Dorothy Ellicottgrape jelly1
Dorothy Ellicottstrawberry jam1
Dorothy Ellicottpeach jam2
Dorothy Ellicottother jams1
Dorothy Ellicottmarmalade1
Dorothy Ellicottbeet pickles1
Dorothy Ellicottdill pickles2
Dorothy Ellicottbread and butter pickles1
Dorothy Ellicottpickled okra1
Dorothy Ellicottpickled vegetables1
Dorothy Ellicottother pickles1
Dorothy Ellicottrelish1
Dorothy Ellicottstrawberries frozen1
Dorothy Ellicottpeaches frozen2
Dorothy Ellicottrhubarb frozen1
Dorothy Ellicottother frozen fruit1
Dorothy Ellicottgreen beans frozen2
Dorothy Ellicottcorn frozen1
Dorothy Ellicottother frozen vegetables2
Dorothy Ellicottdried vegetables1
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show - Canned Fruit
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show - Canned Vegetables & Meat
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show - Jams & Jellies
Dorothy EllicottBest of Show - Pickles & Relishes
Dorothy EllicottFood Preservation - Champion
Dorothy EllicottFood Preservation - Reserve Champion
Vinton Engelhardtrural life2
Vinton Engelhardtother hobby1
Alice Gloverloaf white bread1
Alice Gloverloaf whole wheat bread1
Alice Glover4 dinner rolls1
Alice Glover4 sweet rolls1
Alice Gloverzuchinni bread unfrosted3
Alice Gloverbanana bread unfrosted1
Alice Gloverice box cookies1
Alice Gloverchocolate chip drop cookies3
Alice Gloverpeanut butter drop cookies2
Alice Gloveroatmeal drop cookies2
Alice Gloverother drop cookies2
Alice Gloverfancy tea cookies1
Alice Gloverother cookies2
Alice Glovermolasses cookies2
Alice Gloverchiffon cake unfrosted2
Alice Gloverpeanut brittle1
Alice Gloverother candy1
Alice GloverBest of Show - Cookies & Doughnuts
Alice GloverBest of Show - Breads
Alice Gloverlime sweet pickles1
Alice Glovercrocheted doilies under 14 inches1
Alice Glovercrocheted doilies over 14 inches1
Alice Glovercrocheted or knitted pot holders or mats1
Alice Gloverother table related item1
Alice Gloverother crocheted articles small1
Alice Glovercrocheted doilies under 14 inches1
Alice Glovercrocheted doilies over 14 inches1
Alice Gloverother crocheted articles small1
Alice GloverFancy Works - Champion
Alice GloverSenior Fancy Works - Champion
Alice GloverSenior Fancy Works - Reserve Champion
Ashley Goodenanimals - art1
Ashley GoodenAdvanced/Professional - Reserve Champion
Kalex Goodenpainting1
Kalex Goodencoloring book page2
Kalex Goodennature art project1
Kalex Goodenplaster, clay, or play dough project1
Kalex Goodencookies1
Kalex Goodenrubber stamp or sticker art3
Kalex Goodenother1
Kalex GoodenAges 0-4 - Champion
Kalem Gooden4 cookies1
Kalem Goodencraft item2
Kalem Goodenpencil art2
Kalem Goodencolored pencil art1
Kalem Goodenmarker art1
Kyce Gooden4 cookies3
Kyce Goodencrayon art2
Kyce Goodenpencil art1
Kyce Goodencolored pencil art3
Kyce Goodenmarker art2
Kyce Goodenpainting2
Kyce Goodenphotography1
Kyce GoodenAges 5-8 - Champion
Kytan Goodencolored sketch2
Kytan Goodenpencil sketch1
Kytan Goodenpainting1
Kytan Goodendrawing1
Kytan Goodenphotography1
Kytan Goodencalligraphy1
Kytan Gooden4 bar cookies1
Kytan Goodenother foods1
Kytan GoodenAges 9-13 - Art - Champion
Kytan GoodenAges 9-13 - Art - Reserve Champion
Kytan GoodenAges 9-13 - Food - Reserve Champion
Kytan GoodenAges 9-13 - Food - Champion
Tristin Grahamother hobby2
Phyllis Griswouldother pillow case1
Phyllis Griswouldmachine quilted patchwork pieced quilt1
Phyllis GriswouldSenior Quilts - Champion
Liz Hulteenanimals1
Liz Hulteenother paintings1
Liz Hulteenflowers1
Liz Hulteenother1
Liz Hulteenother paintings1
Liz HulteenAdvanced/Professional - Champion
Liz HulteenBeginner/Amatuer - Reserve Champion
Liz HulteenBeginner/Amatuer - Champion
Alicia Jamesportrait1
Alicia Jamesstill life1
Alicia Jameslandscapes1
Alicia Jamesanimals1
Alicia Jamesarchitcture2
Alicia Jamesaction1
Alicia Jamesrural life1
Alicia Jamesseries at least 3 photos1
Alicia JamesBeginner/Amatuer Reserve Champion
Alicia JamesBeginner/Amatuer Champion
Zoie Kraftlandscapes1
Zoie KraftAges 14-18 - Art - Champion
Areta Blooding-Lairdflowers2
Areta Blooding-Lairdgarment1
Areta Blooding-Lairdglass insulators best display1
Areta Blooding-Lairddoll1
Areta Blooding-LairdCollections - Reserve Champion
Areta Blooding-Lairdpeaches frozen1
Tearle Lessenden leathercraft1
Kailyn Londomixed media2
Kailyn LondoPencil sketches1
Kailyn Londomixed media1
Kailyn Londoportrait1
Kailyn Londoanimals1
Kailyn Londoother1
Kailyn Londoanimals1
Kailyn Londoother1
Kailyn LondoAges 14-18 - Art - Reserve Champion
Peyton Mattuskipainting3
Peyton Mattuskimodel1
Peyton Mattuskilego art/structure1
Peyton MattuskiAges 9-13 - Misc - Champion
Willa Mattuskiother - 0 - 4 year old3
Robin Musgraveother holiday ideas1
Robin Musgravedecorating painting on wood2
Colin Nelsonportrait1
Colin Nelsonlandscapes1
Colin Nelsonanimals1
Colin Nelsonrural life1
Colin Nelson4 drop cookies2
Colin NelsonAges 14-18 - Photography - Reserve Champion
Colin NelsonAges 14-18 - Photography - Champion
Michelle Nelsonfabric pot holders or mats1
Michelle Nelsonpatchwork pillows1
Michelle Nelsonmachine quilted patchwork pieced quilt3
Michelle Nelsonapron2
Michelle Nelsondoll clothing1
Michelle NelsonClothing - Reserve Champion
Donald Oswaldsheaf little, big, or sand bluestem1
Donald OswaldSheaf or Bundle Champion
Donald Oswaldpeaches2
Donald Oswaldapricots2
Donald Oswaldbeet pickles2
Donald Oswalddill pickles1
Donald Oswaldpickled vegetables2
Donald Oswalddried vegetables2
Donald Oswaldloaf white bread3
Donald Oswaldloaf rye bread1
Donald Oswald4 dinner rolls2
Donald Oswald4 sourdough rolls1
Donald Oswaldapplesauce cake2
Donald Oswaldapple pie1
Donald Oswaldcherry pie2
Donald Oswaldpeach pie1
Donald Oswaldrhubarb pie1
Donald OswaldBest of Show - Pies
Charlie Prince4 cookies2
Charlie Princehobby collection consisting of 6 articles1
Charlie Princephotography3
Charlie Princeother1
Charlie Princelego art/structure1
Raelynn RileyOther Poultry - Pair (Ducks, Geese, Guinea, Peacock1
Raelynn RileyRooster1
Raelynn RileyAdults 18+ Years Old Reserve Champion Poultry
Raelynn RileyAdults 18+ Years Old Champion Poultry
Raelynn Rileyflowers1
Raelynn Rileylandscapes2
Raelynn Rileyanimals2
Raelynn Rileyactivities2
Raelynn Rileyarchitcture1
Raelynn Rileyaction2
Raelynn Rileyrural life3
Raelynn Rileyhumorous any subject1
Raelynn Rileysnapshot1
Raelynn Rileyseries at least 3 photos2
Raelynn RileyWood2
Raelynn Rileyother wall hanging2
Raelynn Rileymetal sculpture1
Raelynn Rileypinterest fairy garden1
Raelynn Rileymini arrangement under 3"2
Raelynn Rileymini arrangement 3 to 6"2
Raelynn Rileymin arrangement other than fresh2
Raelynn Rileyartificial centerpiece one sided1
Raelynn Rileydecorated wreath1
Raelynn RileyFlower Arrangements Reserve Champion
Raelynn RileyFlower Arrangements Champion
Raelynn RileyAll Flowers - Judge's Choice
Isaiah Rousecraft item3
Jace Rousecraft item1
Jace Rouseother3
Saige Sagnerdrawing2
Saige Sagnerother art2
Saige Sagnerartificial flower arrangement1
Saige Sagnerwoodworking1
Saige Sagnerbird house2
Saige Sagnerother misc2
Saige Sagnerpencil art3
Sloan Sagnerhobby collection consisting of 6 articles2
Sloan Sagnerpainting3
Sloan Sagnertie dye article1
Megan Scranton-Wilsonportrait1
Megan Scranton-Wilsonstill life1
Megan Scranton-Wilsonlandscapes1
Megan Scranton-Wilsonanimals2
Megan Scranton-Wilsonother photography1
Carole Spadycreation with fabric pinterest1
Carole Spadyother dresser scarve/table runner1
Carole Spadyfabric pot holders or mats2
Carole Spadymini pillows1
Carole Spadypatchwork pillows2
Carole Spadyother pillows1
Carole Spadyother pillow case1
Carole SpadyFancy Works - Reserve Champion
Carole Spadymachine quilted panel1
Carole Spadyhand quilted wall hangings1
Carole Spadyminiature quilt no larger than 24"x24"1
Carole Spadymachine quilted patchwork baby quilt2
Carole SpadyQuilts - Champion
Carole Spadyapron1
Carole SpadyClothing - Champion
Kathy Spechtmachine quilted patchwork pieced quilt1
Kathy Spechtmachine quilted patchwork pieced quilt1
Kathy Spechtmachine quilted applique1
Kathy SpechtQuilts - Judge's Choice
Kathy SpechtSenior Quilts - Judge's Choice
Kathy SpechtQuilts - Reserve Champion
Kathy SpechtSenior Quilts - Reserve Champion
Glenda Stokerquick bread no nuts and unfrosted2
Glenda Stokerzuchinni bread unfrosted2
Glenda Stokermuffins2
Glenda Stokerbrownies1
Glenda Stokerchocolate chip drop cookies1
Glenda Stokerpeanut butter drop cookies1
Glenda Stokeroatmeal drop cookies1
Glenda Stokerother drop cookies1
Glenda Stokerno-bake cookies1
Glenda Stokermolasses cookies3
Glenda Stoker4 cupcakes unfrosted1
Glenda Stokerpumpkin pie1
Glenda Stokerfudge1
Glenda Stokerdivinity1
Glenda Stokerhand dipped chocolates1
Glenda StokerBest of Show - Candy
Glenda StokerBaked Goods - Champion
Tess Van Campenphotography2
Wyatt Van Campenphotography2
Wyatt Van Campenother art3
Wyatt Van Campenwoodworking2
Wyatt Van Campenother misc3
Shirley Wattsother wall hanging3
Shirley Wattshobby craft item1
Shirley Wattsart mediums1
Shirley Wattsother projects1
Shirley WattsNursing Home/Sheltered Care - Reserve Champion
Shirley WattsNursing Home/Sheltered Care - Champion
Amy Weirichmarigolds1
Amy Weirichzinnia1
Amy Weirichcosmos2
Amy Weirichpetunias1
Amy Weirichother varitey small flower1
Amy Weirichloaf white bread2
Amy Weirich4 dinner rolls3
Amy Weirichchocolate cake unfrosted1
Amy Weirichapplesauce cake1
Amy Weirichzuchinni cake unfrosted1
Amy Weirichany gluten free cake1
Amy Weirichpumpkin pie2
Amy WeirichBest of Show - Cakes
Mark Weirich5 green tomatoes2
Mark Weirich10 cherry, plum, or pear tomatoes1
Sylvia Weekscounted cross stich wall hanging1
Landon Zimmermanother misc1
Landon ZimmermanAges 9-13 - Misc - Reserve Champion
Marley Zimmermanpainting2
Marley Zimmermanother art1
Marley Zimmermanjewelry1