4 of the Most Unusual Hobbies to Try

4 of the Most Unusual Hobbies to Try

Feature Staff

There are plenty of activities to do in Colorado. Some people prefer to stay indoors, but the Colorado wilderness provide ample opportunities to spend time outdoors. While hiking, fishing, and knitting are great options, there are other hobbies to consider trying too. These are four of the most unusual hobbies to try; they’ll introduce anyone to a whole new world of fun and excitement.

Soap Carving

Soap carving involves sculpting a piece of soap into a piece of art. It’s a fun activity for older children and adults alike. Cheap and non-toxic, all you need is a knife, bar of soap, and your steady hands. Beginners should start with a butter knife for initial practice. With more experience, you can use sharper knives for more intricate designs. It’s even used for its ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) properties. The rhythmic motions from the knife on the soap make it a tranquil activity.

Drone Racing

Take your drone out to race in the open Colorado sky. Race them against friends, family, or other drone owners for some competition. Pilots can even fly their drones through obstacle courses or join competitive leagues to win prizes. It’s recommended you fly in an open field so as not to hit any people.


That’s right: beekeeping. While it seems intimidating handling swarms of honey bees, beekeeping is an easy hobby to get into. Naturally, you must do your research. Learn about beekeeping with various books, pamphlets, and how-to guides. There are plenty of reading options and beekeeping communities online for help. Another possibility is to join your local beekeeping club. Members of these clubs understand you are just starting out and will lend a helping hand throughout your season. Before long, you will have delicious, homemade honey.


Geocaching is truly a treasure hunt. Using GPS coordinates, you will find someone’s planted time capsule. You never know what you might find in these, but the joy is in the surprise. To get started, understand how to use a handheld GPS receiver. Then, log coordinates for local geocaching spots to log your initial findings. The Colorado forests are full of hidden gems waiting to be found and logged. Track what you found in a notebook. You can take something, but make sure to leave something of equal value—you want to continue the fun for others.