4 steps you can take to keep your community clean

4 steps you can take to keep your community clean

4 steps you can take to keep your community clean

Colorado is known for its natural beauty. If we want that beauty to last, we need to work hard to ensure it. Not all environmental cleaning projects and programs are massive government programs. Sometimes, it takes only one person to get things started. Here are four steps you can take to keep your community clean for generations.

Lead by example

Begin by making green decisions at home. Keep your property clean and clear of trash. Separate waste into recyclables, compost for your garden, and anything suitable only for the landfill. Slowly expand outward, beginning a weekly neighborhood cleanup. Enlist your family and friends to perform the community service of picking up trash for recycling, composting, and landfills. Your neighborhood may inspire others to do the same.

Start a community garden

If there’s an unoccupied plot of land in your town, suggest to the city that it becomes a community garden. These fun social projects lend natural beauty to areas that might otherwise be left as empty lots. They also encourage healthier eating and bring fresh produce to places where it might be hard to come by. Community gardens help the local ecosystem as well, promoting pollination by bees and insects, improving air quality, and encouraging more outdoor activity for people of all ages.

Get connected

Contact your local government about what you, your family, and neighbors can do to keep the community clean. You may discover several programs in need of volunteers to organize and partake in cleanup events. Talk to local merchants about getting involved in this effort. They may be willing to contribute time, money, and tools. You’ll inspire more action when you’re backed up by local government and business owners.

Explore the great outdoors

Cleaning up your neighborhood and town is admirable, but don’t forget the lush greenery and wide-open spaces around it! Adopt a highway or country road, and organize regular cleanups of parks and nature walks. Bring a bag on hikes to pick up trash you come across. Then, dispose of it in the proper receptacle. Watch out for bigger environmental remediation jobs that may require expert handling, such as dredging, and report them to the authorities.

With these four steps, you can make your community cleaner. Keep your eyes and ears open for more opportunities, and you’ll soon see your community sparkle.