The 6 best farm fencing options

The 6 best farm fencing options

Feature Staff

Keeping cows, chickens, and horses on your property is an exciting challenge no matter where you live. Your best chances at success begin with the right fencing choice. The wrong farm fence will leave your livestock vulnerable to predators and may allow them to escape. Further, the wrong fence could harm your animals and cost you a fortune. Check out the six best farm fencing options to help you decide which is right for you.

Wood Fence

While wood fences are a traditional style of farm fence, they are becoming less common because they require a lot of maintenance. In addition to painting and staining, you must repair wood fences once they start to show signs of cracking, dry rot, and other damage.

Composite Fence

Composite fences consist of synthetic materials that resemble wood. They’re easier to maintain and last a lifetime. Composite is just as visible as wood and is available in many options to match your home and property.

Welded Wire Fence

For smaller livestock like chickens and pigs, you should use welded wire fencing. This moldable, mesh-style fencing is ideal for animals that can fit between fence posts or which like to dig. It is good fencing for protecting your livestock from predators.

Pro Tip: Use welded wire fencing for gardening. Wire fencing is best for keeping out rabbits and similar pests while letting your produce enjoy the sun and the rain.

Hi-Tensile Wire Fence

The cheapest type of fence to install, hi-tensile wire fencing is long-lasting, heavy-duty, and durable. It is important to use fencing staples when building a wire fence of this style to ensure it lasts up to 50 years. Typically, farmers install 5 to 10 lines of wire depending on the size of their cattle.

Barbed Wire Fence

Before installing a barbed wire fence, consider the reasons why you might need one, such as security. You should also check the legal requirements in your area before choosing to install a barbed wire fence. Barbed wire can cause enough damage to your livestock that they may have to be put down. This option is not ideal for all farming situations.

Electric Fence

Used to keep something in or out, the electric fence is inexpensive to install and low maintenance if installed correctly. It can be used with any animal and is ideal for setting established boundaries through dominance with your herd.

Each of the six best farm fencing options is still in use today. The right choice for you comes down to what you keep on your property and the amount of maintenance you are willing to put into your fence. Decide which fence best benefits your livestock and your bottom line.