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78 cities and districts will raise taxes in Utah

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Ria Roebuck Joseph

(The Center Square) - The recently released property tax report by the Utah Taxpayers Association revealed that 78 cities and special districts in Utah are proposing tax hikes for 2023.

Among the highest proposed increases is Wallsburg Town in Wasatch County at almost 186 percent where residents can see a tax hike amount on the average home value climb by $570.90, but surprisingly this is not the largest dollar amount in the hike on average home values. That distinction goes to Wasatch County School District at $665.77 at around a 31 percent average home tax increase.

On the other end of the scale, the entities with the least dollar amount hikes were Hyde Park City in Cache County and the Central Utah Water Conservancy District in Davis, both at just $1.27 representing 0.36 percent and 3.36 percent respectively.

The 78 cities and special districts with proposed tax increases is above the usual average of 60 annually, but less than 2022 which saw 90 entities propose increases.

Utah’s increase in property values do not automatically generate additional revenue for taxing entities as is a common practice in other states, instead taxing entities must show budget increases that will utilize property tax funds for specific purposes, and justify their proposed increases to the public at Truth in Taxation hearings.

Wallsburg Town, with the highest average home tax dollar increase, is a small community situated in the center of Round Valley in Wasatch County. June 1, 2023, they held a hearing for the proposed budget for FY 2023-2024 and laid out for their community the increases in spending and the certified tax rate change. 

Over the next 6 weeks similar Truth in Taxation meetings, a property tax law pioneered in Utah, will be held to disclose proposed budgetary increases.

The full list of the 78 cities and special districts with proposed increases and their Truth in Taxation hearing dates can be seen in here.

The Utah Taxpayers Association was created 90 years ago “In the interest of all taxpayers in this state (Utah), to assist in bringing about economies, consistent with efficiency, in the administration of our public affairs.”