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83 Percent of State's Corn Crop Remains in 'Good' Or 'Excellent' Condition 

The Colorado corn crop's overall condition continues looking solid, according to a recent USDA report. As of Sunday, 17 percent of Colorado's corn crop was in "excellent" condition; 66 percent was listed as "good;" 14 percent was "fair;" 2 percent was "poor;" and only 1 percent was listed as "very poor."

Additionally, the state's crop is about caught up in terms of how much corn is entering the doughing stage. As of Sunday, 30 percent of the state's crop was in its doughing phase, which is just behind the five-year average of 34 percent. 

Nationwide, 20 percent of the corn crop was in "excellent" condition; 54 percent was listed as "good;" 19 percent was "fair;" only 5 percent was "poor;" and just 2 percent was listed as "very poor." 

As far as doughing, the U.S. crop is ahead of schedule. As of Sunday, 73 percent of the nation's crop was in its doughing phase, which is well ahead of the five-year average of 60 percent.