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About Town – January 9, 2023

Doris Lessenden

“As we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people…” Galatians 6:10

Many people’s hearts were so sad last week when they heard of Erik Melgosa’s death. Erik’s father and grandfather moved him to Eads from a school in the valley because he wanted to attend our school and sports program. He was well liked by the classes of 1986 and 1987. I have observed their lasting friendships, and remember the great sports feats, especially with his classmate, Mark Rienert. Erik coached outstanding teams, especially at Lamar High School and Alamosa, where he was most recently the girls basketball coach and Athletic Director. One Christmas season when we were cruising and caroling, some girls invited him to join them in caroling. From then on, Erik became an active and fun member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group. Many of us have such warm memories of this dear man as a student and coach. He continued to call or write to us. Friends from across the state who have been associated with Erik do extend their sympathy to his families. His children announced his funeral will be January 15 in Alamosa.

Last Friday, family from out of state and friends of Tim and Lonnie (Yolanda) Hier gathered at the Eads Senior Citizen Center for a for Lonnie. Pastor Mark Imel of the Eads First Christian Church conducted the service in prayer and a message on Psalm 23, “The Lord’s Prayer.” Tim had many colorful balloons so each guest could take one and went outside to release it. The guests were served a lunch by Lonnie and Tim’s friends from the United Methodist Church. The room was decorated with numerous silk floral arrangements and wreaths that Lonnie had created and given to the senior center. It was pleasant to meet Tim’s two sisters, Marty and Susie and spouses, who came from Nebraska and Iowa, and Lonnie’s friends from Denver.

It is so festive to look down Maine Street on days of school sports games because the businesses and some families post their purple and gold school flags, which are waving in the breeze.

Last Tuesday, we had another soft snow. It was lovely to see, but if it did mess up some people’s schedules. A lot of people around here had to report for jury selection for four days, and then, after waiting a long time, they were dismissed because a person had COVID!

Following the senior brunch at the center last Thursday, our director, Gail Voss, said we would have coffee hour at 2:00 p.m. Monday as usual. Since we plan to begin chair exercises, some ladies thought they would check out the screen and DVD. Finally, thanks to Jerry McDaniel, the machines began to work. These exercises will be helpful for men and women. These exercises are easy and will be good for all of us. Let’s try it and endure. Betty Kay Clark led these exercises when she lived in Fowler, so we already have a leader. When Dorothy and George Ellicott came into the brunch, I heard some men really complimenting her on the letter she and George wrote to be published in the newspaper. They told her, “You were right on!” referring to their support of our new Sheriff, Bryan Williams!

Shirley (Borns) Morlan of Kit Carson and her sister, Bev (Borns) Middleton of Lamar, filled wonderful treat sacks for kids and families of our church. The unique part is that they draw different lovely marker art scenes of all the sacks, and tied the contents with tiny lacy bows. It is so gratifying to see how people can share the talents God has given them to make other people happy. Dear reader, how can you use one of your talents to serve or to make one or more people happy? 

Residents in southeast Colorado are happy to know that new owners will reestablish the KLMR radio stations out of Lamar. Actually, I am thrilled because I have missed their news, sports, obituaries, events, school and city news of various towns in southeastern Colorado and Kansas.

It was great to hear the coverage of the Eads-Kit Carson basketball games Friday night. Kit Carson girls won, with Torrie Randel being chosen the most valuable player, and Eads senior Connor Wollert was the boys MVP after Eads won. There was a big crowd of fans there. Parking was really tight, with cars filling up the muddy football field and up and down streets. I observed that we have a lack of lighting for our fans!

Deborah Gooden shared photos of last Sunday when the Praise Community Church brought a number of children to the worship hour at Prairie Pines and, no doubt, they went Wiesbrod Hospital also. The youth wore costumes from the Nativity era. Besides sharing the message, they also sang hymns and carols. Residents Mary Marble and Esther McCoin, who are in their late 90s, recalled what life and Christmas was like about 100 years ago for them. 

Remember, senior citizens are invited to attend the monthly noon lunch January 18.

I had heart-warming phone calls last week from Bernice Carlock in Swink recalling school in Galatea with Marteal (Bickle) Johnson, and greetings from Jolyn Gereke near Denver.