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About Town – June 20, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“…be kind to each other, tenderhearted, and forgiving to one another…” Ephesians 4: 32

People are still talking about how wonderful the two performances on the Plains Theatre stage of “The Jungle Book” were! It was a thrill for the youth and for proud parents, relatives, and friends. The generous grant donors would be pleased that their money was well used to restore and build the new senior center across the street from the theatre, since that is where much of the rehearsing and snacks and meals were hosted. We are thankful to all the people who have continued to donate for the expansion of the theatre buildings.

In the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit, some Hospital Auxiliary members, including Linda Trosper, Cleta Englehardt, and I, assisted residents to play Bingo as Assistant Activity Director, Linda Hopkins, called the numbers. Paige Hull won several games. Quiet Dr. Hobbs shouted, “Bingo” when he won. That was fun! Then we enjoyed the Auxiliary’s Father’s Day root beer floats in frosty, chilled old fashioned cups with handles that Rachel Bletzacker found stored away. Linda Hopkins brought out two beautiful works of diamond jeweled art that Shirley Watts has made. I am hoping that she will exhibit them in the Kiowa County Fair.

After Robin Musgrave took my letters in to the Post Office for me, she brought out a Kiowa County Fair premium book. Mary Marble won the theme contest which is “Blue Ribbon Time.” The book features photos and biographical captions for the five Rodeo Royalty: Queen, Kiya Leonard; Princess, Braya Ferris; Prince, Braxtyn Ferris; First Attendant Princess, Selena Fehr; and First Attendant Prince, Ayden Hose.

The next holiday event in the county is the Independence Day parade July 4 at 10:00 a.m. beginning at the railroad park. Families can enjoy games, the play equipment, vendor booths and lunch at the park until 1:00 p.m. that day.

Some older Eads High School alumni have received post cards to make reservations for the All-School Reunion. It is recommended that grads read more details on the Eads High School Reunion Facebook site.

Congratulations to T. J. Watts of Eads, whose new wife is Tiff from the state of Maine. She is the lovely lady who works in the Eads Consumer Supply office. The young couple lives two miles west of Eads. T. J. is the Rodeo Coach at Lamar Community College, and continues to be very highly ranked in the nation in team roping.

The Haswell Westender senior citizens had their June meeting and picnic at the Haswell park last Wednesday evening. Paul and Glenda Stoker were helpful to bring their grill over to the park to grill hamburgers and hot dogs for the evening meal with the side dishes and desserts. Virgil and Wands Lessenden organized the gathering.

In Eads, the senior citizens enjoyed a delicious noon meal of lasagna, warm garlic bread, salads, and lots of scrumptious desserts. Our director, Gail Voss, says she will have fried chicken for the July 20 meal. The meeting was chaired by President Sylvia Weeks. Secretary Dana Brown read the minutes, followed by Joyce Berry’s Treasurer’s Report. Joyce acknowledged that classmates of Charlotte Peterson Billings, and friends of Zelda Peterson, donated a really nice sum to our treasury. This will help to pay for the shades we hope to buy for the south Maine Street window. We are thankful to Cindy McLoud of the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation, who has advocated for our group several times to help us with funds and equipment. Groups continue to rent our spaces, and we do appreciate that they leave it nicely cleaned.

Last week, I listened to the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center board meeting in the theatre. The board is planning the annual Maine Street Bash. It sounds as if it will be bigger and better, and the format will be more like previous years. If people want to be vendors or volunteer to help with children’s or adults’ events, please check in with President Betsy Barnett or a board member. Saturday, July 30, is the big day that will begin about 11:00 a.m. with Trent Rittgers’s D.J. sound system between 13th and 14th Streets. Early evening will feature Jared Weeks, who is flying in from Los Angeles, California, to introduce and promote his new album. We are very fortunate that Rhett Uhland of Texas has agreed to entertain the crowd. He is an Eads High School graduate and Canon West Texas State University who is becoming more popular in the Texas circuit and is in top ranking there. His life experiences remind me a bit of the movie “Dear Rodeo” that the Praise Community Church brought to our Plains theatre last week. The true story showed the life of a cowboy, Cody Johnson, turned professional singer. There were many scenes that our hometown boy, Rhett Uhland, could be living now or in the future while singing and playing with his band in various clubs and venues all over Texas every week.

Many nights each week, families and fans of T-ball, softball, and baseball players are out at a field watching those games. It is entertaining, and usually free, but when I see all that equipment that parents must buy, it astounds me!

Thank you for all the kindly, helpful employees in our county. We do appreciate you and your good work ethic.

Joyful June days to you!