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About Town – October 9, 2023

Doris Lessenden

“We love because God first loved us.” 1 John 3:16 (NRSV)

After the Eads high School students had class competitions in fun “dress days,” put up decorations, and performed skits at the pep rally, the panel of judges determined that the senior class won the 2023 “class with class” banner. There was a great turnout of Eagle fans at the rally last Thursday, and for the traditional bonfire. The cheerleaders, Brianna Wilson-Scranton, Catherine Trosper, and Hailer Trosper, led cheers between class skits on the field. When about 30 little preschoolers to elementary-age girls took to the field to cheers and chants, it was a real delight to the fans and photographers. These peppy little girls wore matching purple t-shirts with the metallic gold logo “Little Eagle Cheerleader.”

It is always gratifying to see and hear the parent–player presentation, and hear the statements written by the seniors. The spirit was high for the football games last Friday night. The Lady Eagle volleyball team had just won their matches over the Walsh Lady Eagles at the Plainview gym east of Sheridan Lake. We do thank superintendent Ron Buller and his staff for their hospitality to both the Eagle teams. The football team, lost but it was a close score.

At halftime, the royalty court was presented. Senior Keene Smith was crowned king, and Katie Johnson was crowned the Homecoming Queen. Their attendants were seniors Breanna Wilson-Scranton and Madison McDowell; underclassmen and -women were juniors, Landri Tuttle and Brysen Wollert; sophomores, Lexi Shotton and Johnny Vasques; and freshmen, Giana Gibbs and Alyxx Egley. The young crown bearers were Lincoln Sierra and Cree Cordova.

The Haswell Bazaar was this past at the former Haswell school where Michelle Nelson had the doors open to begin shopping by 9:00 a.m. They served a meal, too. It has been so enjoyable to see people from Eads, Karval, and other places come to shop, eat, and visit.

Bob Miller enjoyed his 96th birthday last week even more when his children, Marilyn Baxter, Marty (Krissy) Miller, Frank Miller, and grandson, Cory, came to visit and watch him open his gifts. I marveled when I observed Bob when he lived at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Community to see how alert and interested in people he is. Just a few years later, he still asks questions about people long ago or who are currently living. I also admire him for his ability the use a computer and to enjoy the photos on Facebook! Bob is a wonderful man!

No doubt Bob Miller enjoys seeing the photos on Facebook and especially of sports. We do appreciate Sharon Crow Wilson, who lives at Sheridan Lake. Sharon is a great photographer, particularly for school sports. Through the years while their children have been in the Eads school and sports programs, she has shared her photos with newspapers and on social media. She accomplishes all these activities, attends church, and teaches fifth grade at Eads elementary. Their three older children have college educations, and Kara is an Eads sophomore who plays two fall sports, softball on the Wiley Panther team, and volleyball with Eads.

County recreation district committees are important. They can help the organization of sports teams or give money for projects (is what I have heard). However, ordinary citizens may not know who is on the committee where you reside. I was glad to learn that the Haswell Recreation District committee is working and serving their community. Last Sunday evening, they had a community picnic at the Haswell Park. Polly Gurman cooked pulled pork for sandwiches, and Carol Spady, Audrey Johnson, and Nancy Miller of the committee, brought food along with others of the community to enjoy an evening potluck meal at the park!

The aspen leaves are turning beautiful yellows and golds we hear on the news. Now is the time to make time to take your family on a little day trip to enjoy the changing colors. For many of us who knew and loved the precious late Lill Penn, we will think of our artist friend who loved to paint aspen trees.

This is the time of year to enjoy fields of sunflowers. I saw a pretty photo of Dustin and Kristina Uhland’s daughters standing near a field of sunflowers. They were so pretty in dresses of orange, tangerine, and beiges.

The first Thursday morning of each month at 10:00 a.m. is the monthly brunch at the Eads Senior Citizen Center. It is a time of enjoying a tasty meal and visiting others. Being a food dish or donating would be fine. Remember, the October meal of the month is October 18 at noon. Over at Haswell, Pam (PJ) Lessenden has several new get-togethers or events planned, so check in with her or Trudy Briggs at the post office.

The Praise Community Church in Eads is an example of people who reach out to help hurting or grieving people. Last Sunday, the family of five remaining children of one of the Emporia, Kansas, women who was found dead south of Eads, attended their church. After they served them a meal, some of them went with the family members to have a memorial and release balloons with pastor Deborah Gooden officiating. Meanwhile Pastor Lane Gooden led church services at Weisbrod and at Prairie Pines.