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About Town – September 27, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up wrath.” Proverbs 15: 1

What a wonderful happy little day trip Robin Musgrave and I had last Wednesday to take a fall drive to Las Animas to visit our friends, Lil Penn and Charlotte Cook, in the Bent County Nursing Home. After we went through the procedures to enter the home, and were escorted to their rooms, the ladies were both so thrilled to see their Eads friends. It is such a lovely home, with a three tier stone fountain outside, attractive art on the walls, and photos and names of the residents by their doors. Lil was so pleased to show us her gorgeous crown for being the Arkansas Valley Queen this year. She told us how fun it was to be in the parades and go to the parties.

“See You at the Pole” was held at Eads High School and in schools across the nation last Wednesday. In Eads, they prayed with thankfulness that they could gather to pray, prayed for their schools, families, town, and country. Mrs. Sharon Wilson provided burritos and other foods, and Mark and Deb Imel brought doughnuts. Other adults who encouraged the teens to fear, love, and serve the Lord were Lane and Deborah Gooden, and Joe Musgrave. I was thrilled to read about this happening to know that this yearly September event that I helped begin in Eads years ago still is ongoing. At the beginning of the year, the leaders hosted the first Fellowship of Christians Athletes huddle at the sports field.

We want to welcome Chris and Morgan King to Eads. Chris is a creative writer and novelist, and Morgan is our new Physician’s Assistant at the clinic and hospital. They moved here from college in Tennessee but are from Pennsylvania. Such a lovely young couple.

There was a big turnout of fans to watch three sets of middle school and two teams of Eads High School volleyball matches Thursday, where the varsity won over the South Baca Pirates in five matches. There were such pretty pep signs in the glass hallway. Two of Mrs. Denise Nelson’s Future Business Leaders of America members, Nathan Lowe and Andrew Black, were selling Eagle yearbooks for $3. These books are such treasures. I wanted to be sure I had copies of my niece and nephew, Colby and Blake Stoker’s, senior years. Our Lessenden collection is from 1949 to 2021 now.

These are the names of the Eads High School volleyball players: Kyra Sheridan, Samantha Courkamp, Elisabet Buller, Maggie Haase, Brianna Habinck, Katie Johnson, Breanna Wilson, Alessandra Paez, Zoie Kraft, and Katherine Trosper. Maggie has had an injury and couldn’t play Thursday. They are missing senior, Raehlie Rittgers, who had leg surgery last season. The new athlete to the team, Elisabet, is the granddaughter of Louis and Lauretta Brown, whose daughter’s family has moved to Eads from the western slope.

Tonya Lane served us beverages and cookies out on the Weisbrod patio veranda Thursday morning. It was so nice in the warm sunlight under the Woods-Reinert awning. I do urge people to get out of bed or whatever to come at 9:00 a.m. to visit at the coffee hour. I am finding that there are so many people who are so lonely, so isolated. I agree with the admonition to at least try to get to visit in a small group sometimes. Socialization helps. Personally, I like to live joyfully and to go here and there while I still can go places.

Our hearts go out to the daughters, Kay Hollis and Mary Vasquez, both of Eads and their families after the death of their dear father, David Adamson. Most of David’s career as an educator and administrator were spent in the Plainview and Eads school districts. He was a good man.

Rhonda (McDaniel) Krueger died suddenly last week. We visited with her daughter, Mariya, who was shopping for her grandfather, Dick McDaniel. She is here from Washington state where she is a pediatric nurse. She said her brother, Justin, is an EMT in Springfield. Their mother’s memorial service was held Sunday at the Eads Methodist Church. Their grandmother, Hazel (Jacobs) Krueger, is a new resident at Weisbrod Extended Care Unit. It is so good to see how much Mariya has grown and “bloomed” since I last visited with her as a shy junior high student.

It was good to see three teenagers, Colin Nelson, Megan Wilson-Scranton, and Jaden Self-Eikenberg, when these teen helpers volunteered to assist clerks and judges during the county fair in the exhibit hall. Nancy (McCracken) Walker, a volunteer since her youth, was a great helper in the livestock pavilion.

The Eads senior citizen brunch will be held October 7 at 10:00 a.m., with lunch at noon. The senior citizen coffee hour is held every week Mondays at 2:00 p.m., and card playing on the first and third Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.

The Haswell Bazaar will be held October 16, and Eads Bazaar will be held November 20.

Let us get out of our houses to socialize, serve, and have good times with others.