Charity Event Ideas You Could Hold Online

Charity Event Ideas You Could Hold Online

Feature Staff

There are multiple ways to raise money for a charitable effort, such as bake sales, raffles, and contests. But an efficient way of gaining donations and more attention to your charity is through an online event. There are various ways to hold a charity online, and these ideas will greatly help your organization's benevolent cause.

An Online Art Auction

Art auctions benefit the charity that hosts them and the artists that made the art. Holding the event online will allow more people to view the art than the limited capacity within a room.

You could set up a website where the art will be sold and launched it the day of the announced auction date, or you could release photos of the art on Facebook and allow people to bid their amount and make a deadline for the bidding to stop. You will need to set up a payment method, whether through an app or by personal check.

An Online Gaming Competition

Online gaming is a popular activity amongst many people, and it continues to grow, making it a great idea for an online charity event. Your charity could hold an event on a streaming platform such as Twitch, where gamers could broadcast their gameplay to the masses.

Many streamers are willing to partake in a chance to share their Twitch channel and gain more followers and subscribers while also doing what they love for good causes, such as cancer research or a charity that assist veterans. Plenty of online games allow multiple players, or you could do a simple one-on-one match and make a bracket for those to move up.

A Virtual Fundraiser Race

This idea allows people to raise money on their own, benefiting your charity and leaving you with a little less work. The fundraiser race will involve people agreeing on money to raise, and whoever reaches that amount wins the race. You could offer a prize for both the winners and those who participated and raised some money.

This process is an interesting idea for an online charity as it distributes the efforts of your charity to people who want to help and have the means to make donations. Asking people with a large social media following or people in churches will be the best participants since they have multiple resources for monetary donations.

Using the internet to hold a charity event creates numerous fundraising opportunities for various charities. These ideas will help you gain the support you need and an online presence to help those in need.