Common Risks To Your Vehicle When You’re Off-Roading

Common Risks To Your Vehicle When You’re Off-Roading

Feature Staff

ATVs and off-roading go hand-in-hand, but they are still susceptible to damage and deterioration. Like any vehicle, they can get dinged, punctured, and break down, but you can mitigate those effects by knowing what to expect. Keep in mind a few of the common risks to your vehicle when you’re off-roading to keep it alive for years instead of just months.


The most abused part of an off-roading vehicle is usually the tires. They have to put up with ever-changing and routinely threatening situations, whether it be rocks, mud, or hard falls. While ATV tires are typically designed to put up with a lot of stress, that does not mean that they are invincible.

Worn and Punctured

Always check your tires’ integrity by making sure there are no leaks and that the tread depth is still deep. Faulty tires can be some of the most dangerous parts of your off-roading vehicle because it can mean a loss of traction, worse handling, and the risk of a blowout along a treacherous trail.


Damage to the undercarriage is only natural in off-roading. You are exposing your vehicle to all manner of potentially harmful debris, from something as solid as a rock to something as seemingly safe as mud. Anything can be kicked up and hit the underside of your ATV or can get trapped and clog essential systems, often resulting in broken components.

Inspect and Maintain

There are no preventative measures to take, necessarily; harm to your undercarriage is inevitable. But you can check to see the damage done after a day of off-roading. Inspecting the damage to your vehicle when you’re off-roading can lead to the discovery of faulty parts or important repairs. Preliminary inspection can save you a breakdown or dangerous situation the next time you’re on the trail.

Know How To Respond

Damage to your vehicle may be unavoidable, but you can mitigate it by knowing what to do. There will be situations where your ATV is stuck in hazardous environmental conditions. One common position to find yourself in is to be stuck in a pool of mud. You need to know how to get your vehicle out of a mud pit so you can prevent further damage and follow up with the proper maintenance.