East End Events - February 5, 2019

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Published Tuesday, February 26, 2019
by Sharon Scott

Everyone certainly woke up Saturday morning to a white world. There seemed to be quite a bit of moisture in the snow, and it covered a large area, so all of that is beneficial. We had some wind, but most of the fields seemed to be covered nicely and not too many huge drifts.

Denis Weber is home after spending several days in the hospital in Denver. We hope you continue to improve Denis. Denis and Theresa's daughter, Connie Weber, spent this past weekend with them.

Jeanie Smith and Susan Greenfield went to Holly last Tuesday to watch their basketball game with Swink. Thursday, they went to Lamar to watch the Eads girls play in the district tournament. Eads won and will be playing for the championship. The district games were cancelled Saturday due to the blizzard conditions. They will finish up Sunday and Monday.

Several Plainview basketball players and their coach had plans to attend the Air Force basketball game Saturday. Needless to say, the bad weather put a damper on their plans. Hopefully they can find another time to go watch them play.


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Plainview School in Kiowa County, Colorado. (c) Jeanne Sorensen / KiowaCountyPress.net

My grandson, Kyle, and I went to Garden City, Kansas, early Friday morning for eye appointments. We also did some shopping while there.

Rick and Kim Harris were in Sterling over the weekend to visit their daughter, Shelby Watts, and family. Sterling had not received the amount of snow that we had in our area.

Plainview students Sam Spruiel and Ky Harkness from the Junior High, and Brittney and Brianna Wilson from the High School, will be competing at the regional Science Fair in Lamar this Wednesday. Congratulations to all and Good Luck!!

Congratulations to the Plainview Knowledge Bowl team on their qualifying to compete at the state meet in March. They are coached by Miss Ruth Fees!

We have been having baby goats the past couple weeks. The cold weather has not been kind to the kids or the moms. We are currently bottle feeding seven little ones every four hours. I thought I was done with night time feedings and messy bed changing when my children and grandchildren were grown. But I learned that you are never too old to have new and different experiences in your life.

I had planned a fun day for my birthday last Monday, but the weather; baby goats and a sinus infection put a halt to my plans. Oh well, I can always celebrate later. I would like to wish Jarod Wanderlingh and Irl Dean Quinby a happy belated birthday. We all share the same month and day!!

Hope everyone has a great week!!

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