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East End Events – September 3, 2019

Sharon Scott

Weekend before last, Denis and Theresa Weber's family had a dinner at their home in honor of their 65th wedding anniversary. Guests were Quinton Weber; Kathy and Corby Knutson; Nicole Cochran; Connie Weber; Merle and Carol Shalberg and Jerry Weber. Congratulations on the longevity of your marriage.

A large crowd attended the spaghetti supper and "Back to School Night" activities at Plainview Thursday evening. The unveiling of the newly decorated library was a huge success. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the project.

Kelvin and Amy Schmidt traveled to Palisade Wednesday through Friday to pick up the peaches the Plainview senior class sold. A big thank you to them for doing this, and a thank you to everyone who purchased the peaches. The senior class really appreciates your support.

Last week, Trista Pryor's children came to Sheridan Lake to spend a few days with Grandma Tammy and Great-grandparents, Vern and Joann Harris.

Cora Coffman went to Trinidad Thursday to see Cecil and Lana Coffman. Friday, they went to Colorado Springs to spend Labor Day weekend with Cora's granddaughter, Jordan Coffman, who is a cadet at the Air Force Academy.

The Towner Community Hall Board would like to thank Alex Schmidt, Kyle Scott, Benjamin Splitter, Levi Splitter, Kyle Miller, Tammy Stum, Anna Harkness and Dick Scott for all their help with our project of setting the swing set and basketball goals in cement Friday morning. Rod Swisher, former Towner and Sheridan Lake resident, made these items for us and helped with the installation. In about a week, we will be putting the backboards up, painting the lines on the basketball court and hanging the swing seats.

Last Friday evening, Merle and Carol Shalberg, Denis and Theresa Weber and Bill and Charlotte Woelk traveled to Lamar to have supper at the "Mission" to celebrate all of their anniversaries.

Last Saturday, Merle and Carol Shalberg went to Lakin, Kansas, to visit with Steve and Linda Shalberg. Their three grandsons were in Lakin a for a Labor Day weekend golf tournament so they got to visit with them also. They also got to see their three-month-old great-grandson, Slade, for the first time.

Our five little house kittens are doing great and they are ready for a permanent home ---- sooooo, if you want a kitty, just call us and you can have all you want!!

Have a great week!!