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East End Events - February 5, 2019

Sharon Scott

A large crowd attended the Snowcoming activities on Friday evening. The Plainview cheerleaders started out the evening with several rousing cheers. Then we heard from the ball players and their coach. After the pep rally, the senior class held initiation for the students wishing to participate. Then everyone enjoyed a brisket dinner in the cafeteria. Dinner was followed by a bonfire out on the baseball field and more cheering. 

Saturday, the day started around 10:00 a.m. with basketball games with Plainview, Lone Star and Eads teams competing. At the beginning of the Plainview/Eads girls game, the parents and grandparents were recognized by their student in high school. At half time, they held the Senior Class/sponsor slave sale. At half time of the Plainview/Eads boys game, they had the crowning of the Snowcoming royalty. Benje Davis was crowned King and Brittney Wilson was crowned Queen. Cauy Stum was crowned Prince and Brianna Wilson was crowned Princess. Congratulations to all! The Snowcoming dance followed the games. Everyone had a good time.

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Plainview School in Kiowa County, Colorado. © Jeanne Sorensen /

Last Saturday, Sean and Misty Harkness hosted a 13th birthday party at their home for their son, Elijah. Guests were Linly and Sherell Stum; Kim and Marcie Harkness; Lane and Tammy Stum; Steve Harkness; Matt Harkness; Chris and Jen Stum and children; and two of Elijah's school friends, Sam Spruiel and Joey Specht. Happy 13th Elijah!

Connie Weber was down from Denver to spend the weekend with her parents, Denis and Theresa Weber. Saturday evening, they went to Tribune, Kansas, to eat at the Ground Hog dinner put on by the Catholic Church every year.

Last Tuesday, Susan Greenfield and Jeanie Smith went to Eads to watch Alex Schmidt play basketball. Alex plays with the Eads Varsity team. Friday, Susan and Jeanie went to Holly to watch their game against Swink. They spent most of Saturday at Plainview watching the basketball games.

Dennill Splitter flew to Wisconsin on Sunday to attend a friend’s funeral. Hope you have safe travels Dennill!

Not much news this week. Everywhere I called, there seemed to be at least one person in the household down with the crud going around. 

Take care and have a good week!