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Election ballots mailed to Colorado voters beginning Friday

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According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, Friday marks the first day county clerks across the state can begin mailing ballots for the November 2 Coordinated Election.  Ballots must be mailed between October 8 and October 15, but voters can request to have a ballot mailed to them as late as October 25. 

“Once again, it is time for Coloradans to make our voices heard,” said Secretary of State Jena Griswold. “This election is another opportunity for us to demonstrate our excellent election process which prioritizes both access and security.”  

Voters in Eads were also receiving their ballots Friday from the Kiowa County Clerk’s Office after they were dropped off at the local post office earlier in the day.

Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) will be open Monday, October 25, for early voting.  This year, 405 drop boxes and 147 VSPCs will be available statewide for Colorado voters.  To find the nearest drop box or VSPC, voters can use a search tool located on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website. 

In Kiowa County, a secure ballot drop box is located on the west side of the Kiowa County Courthouse, located at 1305 Goff Street in Eads.

Voters across the state can also track their ballots from when they’re sent to when they are processed by signing up for BallotTrax or BallotTrace at Last year, over 1.6 million voters used BallotTrax to follow their ballots. 

Voted ballots must be received by county election officials by 7:00 p.m. November 2.  

To register to vote, check your registration, or for election information, visit