Engaging Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living

Engaging Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living
Published Saturday, December 19, 2020
by Feature Staff

Post-retirement life can become mundane or monotonous, so spice things up with new options! Here are a few engaging activities for seniors in assisted living.

Painting Classes

Art is a meaningful form of creative expression that people never outgrow. Find a local instructor who is willing to teach people how to paint. Try to find an object or idea that is easy to draw and simple to explore so anyone with eyesight problems can still paint from memory. If the residents enjoy it, consider making a painting class a weekly option.

Book Clubs

Many people find reading to be a soothing form of education and relaxation. As an older adult who does not move around as much, reading is an accessible and simple activity. Consider taking interest surveys to find what genres people like to read. If you have a large facility with enough people, you should make several book clubs based on interest. However, many facilities are rather small, so find a way to rotate genre and topics to keep as many people engaged as possible. Allow seniors to provide input and suggest book ideas. This way, they will feel like the book club fits their needs. For those who have trouble seeing or are near-blind, consider investing in audiobook options for them. This way, everyone can participate without judgment or exclusion.

Puzzles and Games

Our brains are prone to memory loss and cognitive decline with age and disuse. So, encourage the seniors to play games with one another and solve puzzles on their own. Furnish general areas with popular games and decks of cards. Set up weekly bingo nights and bridge games that people can easily join. There are many exercises seniors can do to keep their minds sharp, so incorporate some simple workouts into your routine.

Music and Dance

Seniors can still tear it up on the dance floor--even in wheelchairs or walkers! Play music on a large speaker, hire a DJ, or find a local band to play live music. Each of these scenarios will allow residents to sing, dance, and enjoy their favorite tunes. Though this may be a commonplace occurrence or idea in assisted living facilities, it is incredibly important for elderly people to exercise in some capacity, even if it is on the dancefloor for a few minutes. Music helps people feel alive and connected to others, so cheer everyone up with an elegant, old-fashioned ball or a fun dance party.

Use these engaging activities for seniors in assisted living to spice up your day. There are countless ways to customize and add to these ideas, so take creative liberty with them!

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