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From the Extension Agent – Keeping our community safe

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Tearle Lessenden

After an interesting detour to last Friday’s basketball games, I would like to thank the Kiowa County Sheriffs Office, along with the CBI and HIS, for helping to make our county and state safer for our youth.

In my own youth, it was nothing for my brother, sister, and I to walk into town to the pool or a friend’s house. Heck, the trip even took us across the busy Highway 287.

I hate to say it, but times have changed. Our little towns in Kiowa County may be smaller, and we may know most everyone, but we still need to be aware if something is out of place.

Yes, little things change, and people may change a routine, but if something throws up a red flag in your mind, you should double check it - or report it if the situation is bad enough. 

Also, we need to be involved in our youth’s lives: know who they are talking with and where they are going.

A lot of kids have cell phones at an earlier age so you can check up on them. Don’t forget the apps that will track a phone so that you a least know the phone’s location and, let’s face it, most of us don’t go anywhere without our phone.

I’m not saying to overstep one’s privacy, but pay attention to people’s behavior. Some of the smallest changes may be a reason to talk with them and understand what is going on.

Kiowa County is a good and safe place to live and raise a family but, like the weather that we endure, there will always be changes, so always be aware.