Kiowa County 4-H Clubs and Council Reports - February 2021

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Published Saturday, March 6, 2021

Kiowa County 4-H Council Report from February 2021 Meeting:

Kiowa County 4-H Council held their meeting on Wednesday February 10th.  Swearing in of the new council officers was held, Chase Stolzenberger President, Alexa Nelson Vice President, Katherine Trosper Treasurer, Clayton Nelson Secretary, Gaige Rittgers Report, Chase Stolzenberger and Alexa Nelson Senators.  We reviewed and approved changes to the budget for 2021. Upcoming events are open enrollment ends March 1 and our next council meeting is April 5th at 6:30 at the extension office and all members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Snacks were enjoyed by all who attended the meeting.
Gaige Rittgers, 4-H Council Reporter 

Sheridan Lake Livewires 4-H Club Report from February 2021 Meeting:

The Sheridan Lake Livewires 4-H Club held their first meeting of the year on February 6th, 2021. Officer Elections were held. Members elected were as follows: President - Kiya Leonard, Vice President - Rooney Fehr, Treasurer - Selena Fehr, and Secretary/Reporter - Wesly Fehr. Our next meeting will be held on March 6, 2021 and we will be planning our club "Fun Day". 
Wesly Fehr, Sheridan Lake Livewires Reporter 

Prairie Queen 4-H Club Report from February 2021 Meeting:

The Prairie Queen 4H club meet on Sunday February 21 for their monthly meeting. We discussed the upcoming enrollment on March 1 for the new year and Add/drop day will be April 15 for projects. Steer weigh-in was held on February 20 from 10 am-12 pm and there were 14 steers/heifers weighed in for Fair. MQA for Kiowa County will be March 12 at the community building. This is for anyone that is new to 4H or is changing age division.  The next meeting will be March 21 @ 3pm at the community building. After the meeting, Clayton Nelson, one of the activity leaders, lead us in some games of 4H bingo.
Katherine Trosper , Prairie Queen Reporter

Prairie Queen Cloverbud Report from February 2021 

The Prairie Queen 4H Cloverbuds meet on Sunday February 21 at 1:00 pm. The Cloverbuds had a great time on learning about different diets that people may have to be on if they are allergic to certain food or need to be on a certain diet because of other health factors. The project was to make cookies because we all love cookies. There were three different kinds of cookies made that day: sugar cookies, no bake cookies, and sugar free cookies. The Cloverbuds were shown that there are many kinds of sugar substitutes and flours that can be used to make the same thing, they just have a different taste. They were able to sample some of the different sugars. Some of them liked it and others did not. They also tasted the cocoa powder and they really did not like it. They were also able to play with a grinding stone to see how much work it takes to grind up oatmeal so that it can be used as flour. After all the cookies were made everyone was able to eat them. 
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