Kiowa County Commissioners Minutes - April 12, 2016

Kiowa County Courthouse
Published Monday, May 2, 2016

The Regular Meeting was called to order on April 12, 2016 at 8:58 a.m. by Chairman of the Board Richard Scott. Oswald opened the meeting with a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Those attending:

                                                        Richard Scott, Chairman of Board

                                                        Cindy McLoud, Commissioner
                                                        Donald Oswald, Commissioner
                                                        Tina Adamson, County Administrator


Delisa Weeks, County Clerk was absent.


McLoud moved and Oswald seconded to approve the regular minutes of the March 30, 2016 meeting. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Scott moved and Oswald seconded the motion to approve payment of vouchers as presented, with the exception of one voucher. One voucher will be pulled and ask that funds be paid from those involved. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.               


Scott moved and Oswald seconded the motion to accept the agenda as presented except for one addition: 9:00 a.m. appointment with KCEDF Coordinator, Jan Richards, regarding the lakes. All Commissioners voted Affirmative.


Jan Richards entered the meeting to discuss the current status of our lakes with the Commissioners and to request a meeting with the Commissioners and Department of Wildlife personnel.  They will try to meet and make plans to get the lakes ready for summer tourist activities.   


Teresa Witte, Emergency Management Coordinator, entered the meeting at 9:35 to give a review of the IMT Training that she attended.  She also gave an update on the repairs to be completed on the emergency sirens at Haswell and Towner as they are not currently completely functional.   Teresa is currently working with the local fire chiefs to get a list of equipment that she could possibly provide through an emergency management grant and is discussing with them the ways that a fire district would benefit each of their departments.  She has arranged for a first aid and cpr training in May and she will be attending a Healthcare Preparedness Summit in Loveland, CO on April 26th and 27th.


At 10:04 a.m. the Board recessed for the Board of Health Meeting.


At 11:15 a.m. the regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners resumed.


Old Business:


Grants:  McLoud gave an update on the Daniels Fund grant for the interior of the Murdock Building. McLoud has provided a current detailed revenue and expense listing for the Murdock project to date.   


Early Jail Diversion:  McLoud gave a report on the April 8th phone conference regarding the Stepping Up Initiative.  She and Sheriff Sheridan will be attending the Stepping Up Summit in Washington D.C.  from April 17th thru April 19th along with representatives from Prowers and Otero Counties and the Equitas Foundation.


Railroad:  Adamson reported that we are waiting for the Surface Transportation Board to accept the feeder line application that was submitted by KCVN/CPRR.


Mike Crain and Jack Howard entered the meeting to discuss with the Commissioners preparations for the upcoming horse races to be held at the fairgrounds. 


At 12:05 p.m. Donald Oswald moved to recess for lunch, McLoud seconded.  All Commissioners voted affirmative.


The meeting reconvened at 1:07 p.m..


At 1:07 Alexa Roberts and Carl Zimmerman presented to the Commissioners boundary changes for the Sand Creek Massacre Site.  There was discussion of moving fences and maintenance and proposed changes on county road V & 54.  The signage for the NPS at the site and at Chivington was discussed.  Alexa reported on the funding status for the visitors center that will be located in the Murdock building and the possible rents that it will generate.


At 1:09 pm Priscilla Waggoner with the Kiowa County Independent entered the meeting.


Wages:  The wage structure was reviewed.  Dick Scott moved to give the first fifty cent increase to new employees at 90 days pending evaluation and the final fifty cent increase at 6 months.  Also, that new employees would be able to use accrued sick time at 6 months instead of one year.  Vacation time will remain the same.  Cindy McLoud seconded and the motion was approved.


Gravel:  The old policy of providing one free load of gravel to each household by the County was reviewed.  The Commissioners were in agreement that this would be reinstated upon completion of the Kiowa County Free Gravel Policy.


Events:  Adamson will be providing a list of sale items to Crockett for the June Jubilee that is scheduled for June 3 & 4.  The first horse races are scheduled for April 16, May 7, and June 4.


Fire District:  County Fire Chief, Jay Haase, is working with the municipal chiefs to revise the service plan for the proposed fire district.  We are also looking for interested parties to serve on the board of the fire district.  Adamson will be contacting special district attorneys for proposals to represent the Kiowa County Fire District.  Teresa Witte has volunteered to help circulate the petitions and Adamson will try to find others that will volunteer to assist.


The meetings were reviewed and the Commissioners set the dates for the July BOCC meetings for July 14th and 28th.  .




Reports were reviewed and signed.  Upcoming Commissioner's Meetings are scheduled for July 14th and July 28th.  The Board of Health meeting will be on July 14th at 10:00 am.


Time-Off Requests: One request for Administrator Adamson was approved.


The YEP letter of support was tabled.


Landfill:  The Commissioners signed a thank you note to landfill operator John Higgins for the work he has been doing, noting that his work has not gone unnoticed by the public.


New Hires:  Kailey Mearden has accepted the new Case Aide position for the Department of Social Services.  CSU Extension has filled the SEA Agronomist Position.  Kelly Roesch will be serving our region.  The Commissioners thank the applicants for the Road & Bridge Equipment Operator position.  Donald Oswald moved to offer the position to JD Van Campen.  Cindy McLoud seconded the motion, and all Commissioners voted affirmative.


HUTF Report:  Adamson presented the 2015 HUTF Miles report which was signed by the Commissioners.


Wind Farm Regulations:  As it is required to have wind farm regulations in place prior to any development in a county, Adamson will request copies of regulations and permitting resolutions from other counties that currently have wind farms to use as a template for Kiowa County.


Fair Parade:  The Commissioners are advertising for their parade theme contest.  Themes should be turned in to the Commissioners office by 4:00 p.m. on April 27th.  The Commissioners will choose the winning theme at the next Board of Commissioners meeting.


The next Commissioner's Meeting is April 28, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.


Donald Oswald moved to adjourn the meeting.  McLoud seconded and all Commissioners voted affirmative.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:35 p.m.




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Delisa L. Weeks                                                       Richard Scott
Kiowa County Clerk                                                Chairman of the Board
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