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Kiowa County School Sports Physicals Offered

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Note: see the flyer linked below for additional information about scheduling school sports physicals for the 2017-18 athletic season.

Parents of Student Athletes,

This year, Eads High School will be partnering with Weisbrod Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation department to offer free movement screening to all the school’s student athletes on school grounds.  As such, the movement screen will no longer be a component of the comprehensive pre-participation physical offered at the Eads medical clinic. 

The purpose of these screens is to identify old injuries, muscular imbalances, or movement inefficiencies which may predispose an athlete to an injury at some point during their competitive season.  By identifying such factors early, it is our hope to work together with the coaching staff to structure an athlete’s training to keep them healthy and on the field.  In cases where individual off-site rehabilitation may be warranted, we will be contacting the athlete’s parents to explain the results of our findings and options for further care.  The results of these screens will not be used to keep athletes out of practice or competition, but have the potential to dramatically improve an athlete’s ability to stay healthy throughout an entire season.  

We are currently working with school administration and coaches to set dates for the screening of each team, and we will get those to you when they are finalized.  Parents are invited to attend to watch the screening process and ask any questions they may have afterwards.  We are excited for this opportunity to work more closely with Eads High School and look forward to a healthy and successful 2017-2018 competitive year!  

Dr. Tim Richardt, PT, DPT, CSCS

Joseph Zinger, PTA, BSPTA