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Letter to the Editor – Vote no on Proposition HH



Proposition HH would increase government revenue at a faster rate than Colorado TABOR allows. 

Proposition HH implies that property taxes will be reduced and that some local governments will be reimbursed from the State for those lost property tax revenues. 

Proposition HH increases the State’s spending limit (Proposition HH Cap) and allows the State to ‘retain revenue’ up to the newly created cap limit; that has been required to be refunded to Colorado residents under TABOR.

Proposition HH would allow the State to spend billions of dollars more than they have before, causing property tax revenue limits to be lower than allowed by TABOR, for all local governments. 

The reimbursements or ‘backfill dollars’ will be a small percentage of the billions of TABOR dollars that the State will be able to ‘retain and spend’ IF PROPOSITION HH PASSES

After ten years the State can choose to extend Proposition HH through 2040 WITHOUT voter approval. 

I believe property taxes are a local issue, handled by local communities. Proposition HH pushes State priorities, is extremely confusing, and just simply is not a solution that works for everyone. This is your TABOR refund money that they want to take away forever. 

I urge you to do your research to understand how Proposition HH will truly impact you, your TABOR refunds, and your local government entities. 

Barbara McCoin, Concerned Citizen (In full disclosure: a board member of the Kiowa County Public Library District).