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A look back at 2023: The 25 most popular articles across

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Compiled by Chris Sorensen

Blizzard warning starting Monday includes 8 eastern Colorado counties – Our top two articles of the year were posted during the final week of 2023, each generating tens of thousands of views. The Christmas blizzard that ultimately expanded to 12 counties (see the number 2 entry on this list) and impacted traffic across northeast and east central Colorado.

Colorado blizzard warning expands to 12 counties – Like the number 1 entry on this list, when the Christmas blizzard warning expanded, tens of thousands of people were interested.

Earthquakes continue in southern Colorado over the weekend – In March, a series of 10 earthquakes in Las Animas County grabbed attention. As the next entry on this list shows, the strongest was magnitude 4.3

6 earthquakes in Colorado over the past 12 hours, strongest was magnitude 4.3 – Las Animas county sees small earthquakes often, however a quake as strong as 4.3 happens less often.

New Yorker faces ICE deportation, despite being U.S. citizen - Pascal "Shakoure" Charpentier was born on an army base in Germany and has called New York City home for three decades, but he might not be able to much longer.

Letter to the Editor – Supreme Court should revisit Obergefell decision – Letter writer Wayne Lela says, “It's high time that judgmental, intolerant, extremist left-wing bigots were put in their place.”

Montana officials release PSA warning of human trafficking – Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen recorded a video about spotting and reporting human trafficking.

Police stage ‘chilling’ raid on Kansas newspaper, seizing computers, records and cellphones – A small town newspaper, and the home of its editor, were subject to raids in part because of a story it didn’t publish. The editor’s 98-year-old mother died the next day after being accosted in her home.

Suspect in State Patrol vehicle crash named - The Bent County Coroner’s Office named the suspect who is alleged to have stolen a Colorado State Patrol vehicle which later crashed.

Texas turns down federal aid for summer food assistance program – Texas opted out of a program to help families with food costs. Texas was eligible for federal funds, which would have provided families $120 per month during the summer. 

Arizona company to pay $285,000 for illegal robocalls – Telemarketers and scammers love to call our cell phones illegally. Sometimes they do pay a price.

Heavy rain, hail, flooding expected Thursday in southeast Colorado - The National Weather Service issued a flood watch for 13 eastern Colorado counties. Thunderstorms were expected bring 1 to 3 inches of rain to the area.

Amid heat wave, new Texas law limits outdoor workers' water breaks  - The bill's supporters said it eliminates a patchwork of local ordinances preventing local businesses from thriving, while critics countered it is an attempt to curb progressive policies in the state's largest, more liberal-leaning cities.

Arkansas librarian out of a job for not 'banning books' – Patty Hector said a county judge and Quorum Court wrote a resolution advising her to pick out "harmful" books and move them so children couldn't access them. Hector said her response led to her being fired. 

Oklahoma will vote on marijuana legalization in March. Ohio could follow in November – States continue to ask voters whether marijuana should be legal and available in some form despite being illegal at the national level.

Two new wildfires burn in southwest Colorado as crews opt for Lowline Fire ‘confinement’ – While the summer 2023 fire season was relatively quiet, a few fires drew attention.

USPS workers protest over 'hostile' working conditions - Postal workers in cities across the United States want Congress to know their work environment is toxic due to understaffing and managers they claim "harass, intimidate and bully" employees. 

New Mexico providing $15 million in economic relief payments this summer - The New Mexico Human Services Department and Taxation & Revenue Department teamed up to send relief checks to low-income New Mexicans who did not qualify for the state's automatic tax rebate.

5 ways to keep mold out of your camper trailer - If there's one thing that can put a damper on your camping adventures, it's the presence of mold in your camper trailer.

Arizona county added 130,000 people since pandemic began, nation’s highest - Since the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona’s most-populous county has added tens of thousands more residents than any other county in America.

Trump’s January 6 indictment annotated for Colorado - Connections to Colorado appear throughout the 45-page indictment of the former president.

Iowa Senate panel votes to abolish state income tax - The Iowa Legislature's powerful Ways and Means Committee advanced a measure to eliminate the state income tax.

Reaction as Nevada governor vetoes 3 gun-safety bills: 'disgust' - Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo vetoed a trio of bills that sought to reduce gun violence.

Identities of two women found dead in Kiowa County confirmed – Two women missing from Emporia, Kansas, were found murdered in Kiowa County.

Three men indicted in connection with illegal Oklahoma medical marijuana scheme - Three men are facing a long list of charges connected with a scheme to illegally grow medical marijuana in Oklahoma.