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Monday’s blizzard closing roads in southeast Colorado

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NOTE: Updates are being made to the closures list below as they are received. More information about Monday’s storm can be read here.

The Colorado Department of Transportation offered the following information as of 2:00 p.m.

The following roads are closed due to severe weather conditions such as blowing snow, high winds, and poor visibility:

  • I-25 Mile Point 0 to Mile Point 11, Raton Pass
  • I-70 Mile Point 363 to Mile Point 449, Limon to Kansas border
  • US 24 Mile Point 456 - Mile Point 457 Burlington to Kansas Border 
  • US 36 Mile Point 210 to Mile Point 224, Idalia to Kansas border
  • US 40 EB Mile Point 386 to Mile Point 487, Limon to Kansas border
  • US 160 Mile Point 345 to Mile Point 497, Trinidad to Kansas border
  • US 287 Mile Point 0 to Mile Point 75, Oklahoma border to Lamar
  • US 287 SB Mile Point 133 to Mile Point 75, Kit Carson to Lamar
  • US 385 Mile Point 187 to Mile Point 95, Burlington to Granada
  • CO 96 Mile Point 166 to Mile Point 207, Eads to Kansas Border
  • CO 109 Mile Point 0 to Mile Point 52, US 160 to La Junta
  • I-25 Mile Point 91-0 southbound. From Pueblo to the New Mexico border.

Earlier updates:

The Colorado Department of Transportation has begun to closed roads in east central and southeast Colorado for safety due to weather approaching blizzard conditions.

Shortly after 6:00 a.m., Highway 287 closed in both directions from Lamar in Prowers County to the Colorado-Oklahoma state line. A short time later, Highway 160 in Baca County closed from Springfield to the Kansas line. The closure of Highway 160 expanded to Trinidad from Springfield around 7:30 a.m.

Around the same time, a CDOT text message indicated Highway 86 in Elbert County had closed in both directions between Elizabeth and the junction with Interstate 70 north of Limon.

Additional text messages from CDOT also indicated that portions of west bound Interstate 70, including the right lane between Genoa and Limon, were closed, though updates to were slow, and the extent of closures could not be confirmed. An additional text message indicated west bound Interstate 70 was closed at the Kansas state line, however the end point was unavailable in the message and not reflected on the COTRip map.

At 7:00 a.m., Highway 109 closed between Highway 160 in Las Animas County and La Junta in Otero County.

Highway 385 closed in both directions between Cheyenne Wells in Cheyenne County and Burlington in Kit Carson County at 8:30 a.m. At the same time, Interstate 25 southbound closed from Trinidad in Las Animas County to the New Mexico state line.

As of 11:00 a.m., Highway 287/40 further closed from Kit Carson in Cheyenne County to Limon in Lincoln County. A closure of the highway from Lamar to Kit Cason was lifted after 11:00, and was re-established a short time later. Highway 96 closed from Eads to the Kansas state line. Highway 385 closed from Granada to Cheyenne Wells.

US Highway 36 closed from Idalia to the Kansas state line shortly after noon. Highway 50 from La Junta to the Kansas state line closed about half an hour earlier.

At 1:00 p.m., Interstate 70 was showing closed eastbound from Limon to the Kansas state line. Southbound Interstate 25 from Pueblo to the New Mexico state line.

Additional closures are expected as the day continues.