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New leader at Arizona State University for American Indian affairs 

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Alex Gonzalez

Arizona State University wants to continue fostering and cultivating relationships with tribal nations in the state. It plans to continue to do so with the oversight of Jacob Moore, who was recently named the new vice president and special adviser to the president on American Indian affairs.

Moore began his professional career with the university 14 years ago and said the new role will allow him to grow the university's efforts to expand support for Indigenous and tribal communities. He emphasized he plans to get a holistic sense of where Indigenous students are and what can be done to ensure they achieve success.

"And how do we create a place and space where one, they not only feel welcome, but can thrive in a 'higher-ed' environment and not just survive," Moore explained.

Moore noted the university's trajectory relating to tribal and Indigenous scholars has grown over the years and is something he wants to see continue. He added there are currently 3,800 Indigenous students enrolled at the university, with significant investment around "Indigenous specific programs," which he stressed provide a "skilled workforce" within tribal communities.

Moore added his new role speaks to the fact university leaders recognize and value the importance of inclusivity and equity, regardless of where students come from. He said it is a valuable opportunity to have an institution with the size and magnitude of Arizona State to be what he calls "nimble enough" to serve a unique population like tribal communities.

"The challenge and the exciting part about doing the work, you know, 'how do you put that into action?'" Moore explained. "How do you take the kinds of technologies, resources, the educational opportunities and turn that into a real opportunity that supports both tribal communities and the university."

Looking forward, Moore stated he will prioritize not only student success and focus on students making it to graduation, but will also work to ensure the university continues to provide innovative research to help support tribal communities.