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Sanders-Naugle, Saffer Among Centennial Farms to be Honored August 26 at the Colorado State Fair

In 1986 Governor Richard D. Lamm, the Colorado Historical Society and the Colorado Department of Agriculture established the Colorado Centennial Farms Awards

Families who have owned and operated their farm or ranch for 100 years  submit a nomination application each April to receive a Colorado Centennial Farms award. Selected nominees are honored each ear at the Centennial Farms Celebration at the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo, Colorado
Nominees must meet the following requirements to be honored as a Colorado Centennial Farm:

  • Farming or ranching properties must have remained in the same family continuously for at least 100 years
  • Each property must still operate as a working farm or ranch­­­
  • Farms or ranches must have a minimum of 160 acres
  • Properties with fewer than 160 acres can qualify if they gross at least $1,000 in annual sales

This year twenty three Colorado families that have owned and operated their farms or ranches for 100 years or more, will be honored at the 30th Centennial Farms Awards ceremony August 26, 2016 at the Colorado State Fair.

The families will receive a certificate commemorating the event, as well as a sign to display on their farm or ranch.

This year Centennial Farms recipients are:

  • Chick Farm and Ranch 1916 Campo/Baca
  • Gates Farm 1914 Yuma/Washington
  • Ohr Family Farm 1912 Lindon/Washington
  • Sanders-Naugle 1906 Wild Horse/Cheyenne
  • Saffer Farms 1915 Arriba/Lincoln
  • Cyrilla and Edith Meis 1915 Yuma/Yuma
  • Noble Ranch LLC 1912 Yuma/Yuma
  • Haynes Hereford Ranch 1916 Holyoke/Phillips
  • Dickinson Farm & Ranch 1913 Crook/Logan
  • Kochil Farm 1914 Matheson/Elbert
  • Knoblauch Ranch 1914 Del Norte/ Rio Grande
  • Wacker Farms & Livestock 1905 Brush/Morgan
  • RLS Ranch LLC (Hillside Ranch) 1916 Yuma/Yuma
  • Herman G. Peterson Farm/Ranch 1916 Kersey/Weld
  • Perlenfein Farm 1916 Yuma/Washington
  • Sleepy Hollow 1904 Ramah/Elbert
  • Fox Fire Farms 1916 Ignacio/La Plata
  • Stanley E. and Carol J. Shafer 1910 Laird/Yuma
  • Koch Farms 1914 Pueblo/Pueblo
  • Coe Middle Creek Ranch 1913 La Veta/Huerfano
  •  H P Bar Ranch 1906 Sedgwick/Sedgwick
  • Almer Farm & Ranch 1916 Briggsdale/Weld
  • Thomas Farms 1916 Wiggins/Morgan 

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