Top Causes of Distracted Driving for Truck Drivers

Top Causes of Distracted Driving for Truck Drivers

Feature Staff

Distracted driving is becoming a more significant issue with every passing year. With so many things to get distracted by, it’s easy to see why it happens, although that doesn’t excuse it. Unfortunately, the more you’re on the road, the more likely an incident will occur, which is why this problem regularly happens with truck drivers. If you’re curious as to what they can get distracted by, you’ll want to check out our list of the top causes of distracted driving for truck drivers.

The Usage of Consumer Electronics

Of the reasons why truck drivers typically get pulled over, distracted driving is one of the biggest causes. Most of these cases involved the use of a mobile device or some other consumer electronics. Of course, everyone knows the dangers of using social media, texting, or watching videos while driving, so we won’t get too deep into it. However, despite this awareness, people still constantly use their electronics while driving, which is why we made it the first point on this list.

Using Essential Features of the Truck

Not all electronic usage is bad, though. Sometimes, truck drivers use their phones to access GPS or listen to music. Drivers with newer vehicles might even have these features built into their cab. However, any time these features need adjusting, it will take the driver’s eyes off the road for a moment. In that short time, anything can happen, resulting in an accident.

Eating or Drinking While Driving

If you drive a truck for a living, you know that saving time can make a big difference for you and the company you’re working for. As a way to save time, many truck drivers will eat meals while behind the wheel. This isn’t the worst thing you can do, but the more often you do it, the more likely it is that a spill will occur, which could quickly lead to an accident. Even if you’re super careful, looking down to pick up your drink could be the catalyst for a horrific crash.

Distractions Outside the Truck

Not all distractions are the driver’s fault. Being seated high above other cars allows the driver to see everything, and anything could happen outside the cab that could take their attention off the road in front of them. It could be something important, such as keeping an eye on the crazy driver next to them, or even as innocent as looking at a beautiful sunset. It doesn’t matter what it is—any kind of outside distraction can be dangerous.

Driving While Impaired

We saved the worst cause of distracted driving for truck drivers for last: driving while impaired. In most cases, this happens due to fatigue. As previously stated, being fast is important in the job, so many drivers feel the need to continue driving when they should be sleeping. This causes many more accidents than it should.

The other distraction in this category is driving while under the influence. No matter the cause of the intoxication, the question is no longer if the driver will crash, but when. DUIs are no joke, and people in this profession need to take them more seriously.