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Tribute to Janet and Richard McDaniel

Tribute to Janet and Richard McDaniel

Rebecca McDaniel 

We mourn the loss of two wonderful people. Though they died at different times, we wanted to acknowledge them together. 

Janet Marie McDaniel was born March 3, 1951, passed away December 16, 2023. She gracefully joined her husband of 54 years.

Richard Leon McDaniel was born September 12, 1942 and died November 26, 2021.

Janet and Richard McDaniel dressed formally


Together they raised three children, Richard Leon McDaniel Jr., Rodney Gene McDaniel, and Rhonda JoAnn McDaniel – Krueger. Rhonda is also deceased. She was born August 22, 1975, and passed away September 16, 2021.

Janet and Richard also had three grandchildren, Mariya Krueger, Justin Krueger, and Ashley Clemmensen.

Janet is survived by her sister, Violetta Anderson, along with numerous nieces and nephews.

Janet and Richard loved and were loved by their town of Eads.

Janet, at one time or another, worked in the Plains Theatre, helped her daughter in the cafe just outside of Eads, and worked as a CNA at Weisbrod Hospital.

Janet loved to create jewelry with beads and do diamond pictures before losing her sight. Afterward, she loved her stories on tape that could take her to faraway lands.

Richard and Janet, together, managed the bowling alley. Richard later would retire from the County Maintenance Department.

Richard was a whizz at most any car engine you could put in front of him. However, they both found a love for going on cruises. 

We are certain that Richard and Janet are jumping from cruise ship to cruise ship, exploring every corner of the earth, enjoying their afterlife.