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After several months of declines, retail egg prices are climbing again.

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Participants: Gary Crawford and USDA economist, Megan Sweitzer


Back in January of 2023, average retail prices for eggs peaked at about $4.80 a dozen, partly the results of avian influenza, the bird flu, that resulted in the losses of millions of egg-laying chickens.

After January 23, egg prices began a steady downward trend and...

Prices for eggs are still down significantly from where they were at their peak early last year.

But USDA economist Megan Schweitzer says egg prices this year have started to climb again.

They went up last month 8.5 percent.

They're now averaging $2.92 a dozen compared to $2.28 a year ago.

Largely because new cases of avian influenza were detected at the end of last year in November and December.

The laying flock currently about 1 percent smaller than a year ago because of bird flu.


We haven't seen many cases in February and March so far this year.

So if that trend continues, that could be good news for egg prices down the line.

This is Gary Crawford reporting for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.