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Tips for limiting exposure to blue light from screens

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(Colorado News Connection) The pandemic forced many Americans to work and learn from home, and health experts are increasingly concerned about the potentially harmful impact of blue light that comes from screens in telephones, tablets, and televisions. 

Amanda Melendez is an optometrist with the Monfort Family Clinic in Evans. She said patients who spend hours in front of screens should be on the lookout for symptoms of digital eye strain.

Report: Denver mayoral candidates off the mark on homeless crisis

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(Colorado News Connection) Advocates for people experiencing homelessness are pushing back against proposals by several Denver mayoral candidates who are including forced mental-health holds, more police interventions and zero tolerance for violating the city's camping ban.

Cathy Alderman, chief communications and public policy officer, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, said no one wants to see tents on public sidewalks, but the problem is complex, and is driven in part by a severe deficit in affordable housing.