Apple can scan your photos for child abuse and still protect your privacy – if the company keeps its promises

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The proliferation of child sexual abuse material on the internet is harrowing and sobering. Technology companies send tens of millions of reports per year of these images to the nonprofit National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Fight for control threatens to destabilize and fragment the internet

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You try to use your credit card, but it doesn't work. In fact, no one's credit card works. You try to go to some news sites to find out why, but you can't access any of those, either. Neither can anyone else. Panic-buying ensues. People empty ATMs of cash. This kind of catastrophic pan-internet meltdown is more likely than most people realize.

Big tech has a vaccine misinformation problem – here’s what a social media expert recommends

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With less than half the United States population fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and as the delta variant sweeps the nation, the U.S. surgeon general issued an advisory that called misinformation an urgent threat to public health.