The important role played by secretaries of state in administering fair elections is changing – and not in a good way

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The state officials who administer fair, accessible and secure elections have historically operated quietly without garnering much public attention. Elections happen, votes are counted, the winners are declared and democracy moves on.

Notice as to Proposed Budget - Cheyenne County

PICT Government Building Cheyenne County Colorado Courthouse


Notice is hereby given that the proposed budget has been submitted to Cheyenne County, Colorado for the ensuing year of 2023.  A copy of such proposed budget is filed in the County Administrator's office of the Cheyenne County Courthouse where same is open for public inspection. Such proposed budget will be considered at a budget hearing of the Board of County Commissioners of Cheyenne County, Colorado to be held at the Cheyenne County Courthouse on December 9, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. 

Cheyenne County government payments – September 2022

PICT Government Building Cheyenne County Colorado Courthouse

The Board of County Commissioners met in regular session the 30th day of September and the 7th day of October 2022 with the following present:


Ronald R. Smith, Chairman           

Darin C. Dickey, Commissioner      

R. J. Jolly, Commissioner

Marcy Brossman, County Administrator

Patricia A. Daugherty, Clerk to Board