Recovery from a disaster like Hurricane Ian takes years, and nonprofits play many pivotal roles before and after FEMA aid runs out

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Massive storms like Ian and Fiona mark the beginning of a long and frustrating process for anyone who loses their home and possessions.

Recovery usually takes years.

EarthTalk - Are there any programs designed to help working people afford energy efficiency upgrades?

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Dear EarthTalk:

I'd like to upgrade the energy efficiency of my condo but can't afford the up-front cost of new equipment and materials. Are there any federal or other programs designed to help working people afford to make such transitions?

Paul B., Monroe, NY

Hurricane Ian capped 2 weeks of extreme storms around the globe: Here’s what’s known about how climate change fuels hurricanes

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When Hurricane Ian hit Florida, it was one of the United States' most powerful hurricanes on record, and it followed a two-week string of massive, devastating storms around the world.

When the power grid goes out, could solar and batteries power your home?

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Hurricane Ian's catastrophic winds and flooding are likely to bring long-lasting power outages to large parts of Florida. The storm is the latest in a line of hurricanes and extreme heat and cold events that have knocked out power to millions of Americans in recent years for days at a time.