Opinion: Value of a Free Press

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Mid-morning January 1, 2018, on my way home from the store in Sheridan Lake, I stopped and counted the airliner vapor trails crisscrossing the sky above. There were 24. Seventeen years ago, when I spent some time in Russia with an agronomy professor friend, we were the only airliner arriving. When we left, we were the only plane leaving, and Moscow is a very large city of over 12 million. This is why this volume of airline traffic was so noticed by me.

Commentary: We must get to root causes of Colorado’s mental health crisis

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(Colorado Newline) For 70 years, Mental Health Colorado has prioritized the health and well-being of Coloradans across the lifespan by improving access to and quality of care, supports and services while fighting against policies that perpetuate disparities and increase the potential harms of substance use. Our state is in the midst of a serious health crisis and we have to respond in a timely manner to provide immediate relief to Coloradans who are suffering and need our support.