6 tips on preparing your Jeep for the winter

6 tips on preparing your Jeep for the winter

As we approach months of heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures, it's a good idea for car owners to winterize their vehicles. Winterizing your Jeep or any vehicle can help avoid problems like sliding on icy roads, frozen fuel lines, bad visibility, or any other emergencies that can occur when temperatures drop.

Check out these tips for preparing your Jeep for the winter to travel safely on Colorado roadways.

Black-footed ferret release aided by CPW’s partnerships with agriculture

Outdoors - Colorado Parks Wildlife Mountains Baca National Wildlife Refuge - USFWS

The Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) Commission traditionally meets on the eastern end of our state for its November meeting. We do so, in part, to celebrate and highlight the importance of agriculture to Colorado, and the partnerships that farmers, ranchers and other landowners and land managers forge with CPW to provide opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and to preserve critical habitat for wildlife.

Another problem with daylight saving time: The time change raises your risk of hitting deer on the road

PROMO 660 x 440 Animal - Mule deer - CPW

Daylight saving time ends in the U.S. and Canada on Nov. 7, 2021, and most of us will be setting our clocks back an hour. There is a long-running debate about the benefit of the time change, given how it disrupts humans' circadian rhythms, causing short-term stress and fatigue.