State of the Union: What experts have said about Biden’s proposed reforms on policing, guns and taxes

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President Joe Biden's State of the Union speech lasted 70-odd minutes and was interrupted at least 70 times, mostly by standing ovations from supporters, but also from occasional interjections from less sympathetic lawmakers.

Opinion: Polis Turns His Back on Colorado Agriculture

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Last month, Governor Jared Polis gave his State of the State address before a joint session of the General Assembly and to all Coloradans around the state. As I and other rural legislators listened to his speech, we couldn't help but notice something so significant to our state barely received more than a brief mention.  As the speech lagged on, it was evident the governor was clearly avoiding talking about it. It became the industrial elephant in the room, if you will.

Report: Women’s rights a canary in coal mine for democracy

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(Colorado News Connection) The United States was designated a backsliding democracy in late 2021, when it appeared on a prominent European think tank's annual global ranking. Today, half of the world's democratic governments are on the decline, according to The Global State of Democracy, a report released by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) this past November.

All politicians must lie from time to time, so why is there so much outrage about George Santos?

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The idea that politicians are dishonest is, at this point, something of a cliche - although few have taken their dishonesty as far as George Santos, U.S. representative for New York's 3rd Congressional District, who seems to have lied about his education, work history, charitable activity, athletic prowess and even his place of residence.