Mark Hillman’s Capitol Review - ‘It could have been worse’ is no consolation

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When the Colorado General Assembly adjourned on June 8, small-business owners and job creators breathed a collective sigh of relief.

After suffering through COVID-related restrictions and closures for most of the previous 12 months, employers were hopeful that legislators would join in their efforts to help get the economy back on its feet.

Maybe legislators in another state, but not in Colorado in 2021.

Trump can’t beat Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in court – but the fight might be worth more than a win

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From condo salesman to reality TV host to leader of the free world, Donald Trump has occupied several lifetimes' worth of identities over a remarkable career of reinventions. Even so, the billionaire mogul's latest metamorphosis - into a consumer-rights plaintiff seeking to regulate big business - is a peculiar one.