3 Handy Tips for First-Time Campers

handy tips for first time campers
Published Tuesday, April 30, 2019
by Feature Staff Special

Apprehension before a camping trip is normal, especially if it's your first time camping. These tips for first-time campers will ensure a memorable and successful trip.

Decide on a location.

Doing the proper research before you embark on your first camping sojourn is a must. For your first time camping, and especially if you're traveling with family, you may want to keep the excursion local. If you do choose to vacation close by, you may be able to pick from a range of smaller, more beginner-friendly parks. However, depending on the time frame you've allotted for your trip, you can also choose a more distant, spectacular setting to embrace, such as one of our national parks. You should also decide if you want to be surrounded by mountains, lakes, or forests. Your destination will likely affect what you need to pack.

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Make a checklist.

Forgetting essential items can put a damper on the fun, so double-check that you have all the necessities before you leave. Pack enough supplies to last you and your friends or family throughout the whole trip. Here are the supplies you'll need for a weekend getaway, which you should adjust according to the duration of your trip:

  • A change of clothes per person
  • One towel per person
  • Soap--choose a multipurpose one for washing both dishes and yourself
  • Toilet paper
  • Sleeping bags and padding
  • A tent
  • Flashlights
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • Nonperishable food items
  • A propane lantern
  • A first aid Kit

You should remember that, while most beginner-friendly campgrounds provide showers and toilets, you may have to do without such modern comforts if you venture into more wild habitats. You also shouldn't underestimate the vital importance of meal planning. Camping is, after all, supposed to offer a respite from these comforts, so it's doubtful that you'll be near any supermarkets.

Remember the limited availability of electricity.

Charging your phone in the wilderness is a tricky business. If you bring your chargers, you can easily charge your phone and other gadgets in your car. But there are better ways to juice up your electronics: a genius device called the UCO Rhody+ Hang-Out Lantern doubles as a lantern and a phone charger. However, service is hard to come by in the forest, and really you're better off shutting down your electronics. Soak up the sun and the pleasant hum of nature.



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