About Town – April 19, 2021

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Monday, April 19, 2021
by Doris Lessenden

"Do to others as you would have them do to you". Luke 6:31

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Audrey Johnson of the Social Services office and Kailey Meardon of Southeast Health Group were at the hallway at the volleyball game at a table with of lots of blue and silver wind pinwheels and several educational materials to offer parents, families, and citizens. The blue tag on the wheel proclaimed their theme, "Growing a better tomorrow for all children TOGETHER." This is to remind us that everyone in the community has a role in caring for children, teenagers, and each other. A call to this phone number can be a help to individuals: 844-264-5437.

From observation and hearing comments, the prom experience was a happy time for our youth. Since this year we couldn't all go to the gym to see the lovely attire of the teenagers, we do appreciate the photos from Braylynn Eder inside the senior citizens' center, and Sharon Wilson's photos outside before they entered the center for the 2021 prom. The girls looked especially lovely with their pretty curls and stunning gowns. Usually when we see most of these girls, they are on the gym floor at a sports event with their hair pulled back. I often marvel to see how pretty these young ladies look with their hair "down." The senior parents hosted an after-prom party at the community building to make more memories. Thank you to the local people who donated to the class for gifts and food at the party.

Ally Spady of Eads High School was named the "Top Senior" of the High Plains Basketball League, and she was also named to the All Conference Basketball Team. Rheilie Rittgers of Eads was also named to the all conference team, and Samantha Courkamp was listed as "honorable mention." Kit Carson players who were listed on the all conference team were Sedonia Isenbart, Stephanie Framel, Tess Johnson, and Tieler Randel.

Both of the local newspapers printed surprising photos of the reaction to the bomb threat last Sunday evening when area police departments came to help. They looked quite "military." After an investigation, it was decided to treat this as a "swatting incident."- a term many of us had not heard of. It seems to mean that an individual(s) wanted to get police departments in one place, which if what they did. However, it is good to know that police departments work together to keep our little town and its people protected. It is comforting that the FBI and other agencies are working with Sheriff Casey Sheridan and his staff. It was also a relief when we received cell and land phone messages that we could leave our homes if we wanted to do so.


PICT Officers searching a vehicle in Eads following a bomb threat - KiowaCountyPress.net
Officers searching a vehicle in Eads following a bomb threat - (c) KiowaCountyPress.net

A special thank you goes to Riki (Berry) Cordova for her leadership again this year to organize a gigantic Easter egg hunt for the area children around the courthouse lawn. The older children could participate in a golden egg scavenger hunt around town for 24 eggs which they left in place. My fourth grade neighbor, Itzi Ramirez, won the top prize by completing the search more quickly. I recognized when Riki was our Student Council President that she had the potential to be a terrific leader!

Congratulations to Mrs. Shannon (Barlow) Ellenberger's sophomore business students, who have earned "Microsoft Office Certification" Certificates. I wonder if they can hire out to assist senior citizens operate their computers?

Congratulations to Damien Barnes, Eads High School senior! Damien was named honorable mention on the Boys 1A Basketball All-Conference Team. He certainly has been an admirable athlete to watch in football, basketball, baseball, and track.

Another outstanding young athlete is Eads 4th grade student, Reese Barnett. She recently won the championship in two tournaments. Her parents drive long distances to see that she gets the chance to play and compete in golf tournaments.

Gail Voss told us that Cook's Floor and Wall from Lamar has already laid the carpet and wooden flooring in the Wissel's part of the new senior center. We are eager to see it during the noon lunch Wednesday.

It is good to have my neighbor, Rich O'Brian, back after a week in Pennsylvania to visit and to preach at a church there. People are enjoying listening to the podcasts that Rich records of local people who tell about the group or occupation they are involved in.

When we went to buy some pumpkin breads at Cindy McLoud's Treasure Shop Saturday at noon, we saw lots of cars around the community building. The Eads Class of 2021 was hosting a hamburger-hot dog meal fundraiser, and a Corn Hole tournament was in progress in a range of age groups. When we were there, Joe and Laurie Musgrave were the supervising parents. The seniors are looking forward to spending a few days in the mountains next month. The Eads High School senior graduation is Saturday, May 29.

Our dear Dawn Back, who has been a Physician's Assistant for a number of years in Eads since Dr. Waggoner brought her here, is now moving to Minnesota near where their son's family live. Dawn and Dale have found a farm with stables for Dawn's horses, which are so important to this Ordway cowgirl. A card shower has been organized for Dawn, and cards can be sent to 508 W. 15thStreet, Eads, CO 81036. Best wishes to the Backs!

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