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About Town – March 28, 2022

Doris Lessenden

Psalm 21:23 “Keep your mouth closed and you will stay out of trouble.”

Mr. Justin Lenox and his Future Farmers of America students hosted their annual dinner and student “hired hand” auction last Thursday evening. The students served a sumptuous buffet supper for a good-sized group of supporters of the FFA members. Pam Cole and Gloria Trosper oversaw the pie tasting contest and then the pie auction. Mr. Lenox and his students appreciated having Rob Morlan as their auctioneer. The students earned a goodly sum for their organization for which they will work for those who bought their services soon. 

Terry and Areta Laird enjoyed a vacation in the Caribbean, visiting various islands and places of interest. They traveled with their daughter, Shalyn, and Keith Smith of Greeley.

Jeanette (Peterson) Kochis told Areta Laird that her mother, Zelda Peterson, who will be 102 years old in May, has been moved to another care facility where she will have more care for her health. This is in Greeley, yet near to her other daughter, Charlotte Billings of Windsor.

Our community extends their sympathy to the families of Polly (Collins) Johnson of Kit Carson, who died last week in the Cheyenne Wells Nursing Home. Since I was a teenager, I have always thought of Polly as the “Prairie Princess.” During her 89 years of life, she truly did exemplify the qualities of royalty. She was and is very dear to her family and friends. Her funeral service will be Wednesday, April 13, at 1:00 p.m. in the Kit Carson School.

Our former student, Ron Weiser, has died. His wife, Shar, is a Grand Valley quilter who has made “Quilts of Valor” for Korean Veterans Bill Woelk, a Marine, and Jerry Ritchie, a Marine, which she presented in 2018. Principal Bill and Charlotte Woelk have maintained friendships with many of their student-friends.

Last week we were blessed with more rain and snow than for several years out here on the plains - in some places like 9-10 inches. Some of us were homebound because of snow, and other families because the wind caused power outages for a day or two. We are grateful for our local electric linemen, Jake Barnes and Jose Ramos. On the weekend, we had more warmth and wonderful Colorado sunshine!

Dr. Joseph Wagner, Eads High School educator, was chosen from 22 teachers from 13 states to teach his students through the STEM principles and topics he learns from the NASA Airborne Program. He will be a 2022 Ambassador who has learned more about astronomy and planetary science to teach this exciting curriculum. What an awesome opportunity to benefit his students at Eads High School.

Mick Fields, husband of Marlene (Schmitt-Weiser), died in Arizona. The miracle was that he was driving, and he had time to stop the car, and suddenly was gone. Marlene and Mick have homes in Phoenix and Abilene, Kansas.

The Sheridan Lake Bible Church Ladies Retreat will be Saturday, April 2, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for an energizing day of learning, fellowship, and sharing. Call Amy (Kelvin) Schmidt to reserve a space.

April 6, the Eads Chamber of Commerce will meet at noon in JJ’s Restaurant's meeting room.

Senior citizens, do circle your calendar April 7 for brunch at 10:00 a.m. in the Eads Senior Citizen Center.

The list of High Plains Basketball All-Conference sports awards was announced. Outstanding Eads and Kit Carson players were on the rankings. On the First Team was sophomore, Porter Spady of Eads, and senior, Daniel Arnold of Kit Carson; and girls: senior, Rhealie Rittgers of Eads, and two from Kit Carson, junior, Tess Johnson, and senior, Faith Buttry. Girls listed on the Honorable Mention team were sophomore, Katie Johnson of Eads, and Kit Carson junior, Lindsey Mayhan. Boys honorable mention included Paul Mitchek of Kit Carson. The All-Defense team included freshman, Stockton Mitchek of Eads, and Brett Mayhan of Kit Carson, plus Torrie Randel, junior girl from Kit Carson. The All-Defense honorable mention team lists Porter Spady of Eads and Paul Mitchek of Kit Carson. It was good to get to see our athletes back on the floor before big crowds of fans this year.

I have good news. For over a year or two the Lincare offices in Lamar and La Junta have been closed. People had to call the main office in Pueblo to get oxygen supplies or service and then wait. However, I discovered that they hired Bret Smith, who lives south of Las Animas, to be the new service provider for the southeastern area and into Kansas. Bret drives a big white truck and is in Eads every Friday. One just needs to call him, and he will service your machines. I was concerned for people around here because, two years ago, I used to see Fernando every Tuesday at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center or Weisbrod Hospital. It seemed their service just vanished, but now we can buy oxygen machines and equipment again.

Rhonda (Davis) Uhland’s photo of the elementary wrestling tournament in the Eads gym brought back memories of times past when we watched and heard such a joyful hubbub of a low roar from the young ones at the wrestling tournament. Such an amazing sight and sound! 

Let us pray for the government leaders and support the hurting people in the Ukraine war zone.