PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

About Town – April 15, 2024

Doris Lessenden

“Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galations 6:2

Earlier this year, the Jeff and Barb Scranton family suffered a fire in their home in Eads. Fortunately they could move into a small house. Though small, they fit their daughters and grandchild in the little “round house.” Tina Adamson noticed that someone hadn’t stepped up to do some sort of fund raiser for them so, even though costly, she bought foods to host a lovely Mexican food meal earlier this month. It was well organized and decorated, with ten colorful sombreros and Mexican music as you picked up your order. Tina appreciate the ladies who donated desserts, and all the people who helped. It is surprising how costly it is to buy foods to prepare such a meal. At the meal, I saw Bob Woods having dinner with his three daughters, Sheri Lyon from Oklahoma, and Leanna Collins and Marci Miller from Eads. A number of adults came in wearing purple shirts who had been to the baseball game with the Cheyenne Wells Tigers. Eads won both games. How exciting for the fans and new coaches Kyle Barnett, assisted by Jason Lenox and Brian Bolander.

The senior citizens who went to the monthly brunch were pleasantly greeted by the pastel colors of table clothes and playful bunny ceramics painted by senior citizens years ago. Our director, Gail Voss, had cooked tasty main dishes, and added to by other diners who brought foods. It was a good time of eating and visiting. The monthly noon meal will be April 17 for bierocks, which we are looking forward to Gail’s homemade bread wrapping the filling of beef and cabbage. That evening, the Eads High School juniors come in to begin decorating for their prom.

Ruth Fees, Plainview educator, regularly has two or more pages of photos published in the Kiowa County Press in a collage layout so there are many photos of all ages of students. What a delight to see the many forms of education at Plainview School.

Last week, I braved the wind and went down to the Sand Creek offices where upstairs, via a shiny elevator, I was pleased to see a wonderful historical display of photos and large print dialogue about Sand Creek and related history of the plains Native Americans. I feel it is certainly horrible what some humans do to other humans. The most effective learning experience was listening to relatives tell about what they learned from their ancestors of what happened at the Sand Creek Massacre site east of Eads in 1864. Saturday, there was a panel discussion of leaders that people could listen to. Janet (Frederick) Richards of Eads was given two award plaques for her years of working for the National Park Service since she is retiring.

A number of ladies went from Eads and other communities to attend the annual Ladies Retreat at the Sheridan Bible Church. I have heard many positive accounts of how wonderful the day was. Since I attended before, I can easily imagine how inspiring it was. There was a breakfast and lunch, with good food and fellowship. The ladies brought new baby diapers and clothes to donate to the area pregnancy center in Lamar. The ladies were invited to bring a Christian book to exchange. The highlight of all was Sue Polgar, the featured speaker, who had been a widow for some time, and then later met a widower, whom she married. They share several children and many grandchildren. She is still able to fulfill her calling of the Lord.

When I was told that Trudy Briggs had retired from being the Haswell Post Master, I was so surprised. I often think of those there dear peppy Bendorf cheerleaders - Terri, Trudy, and Linda - with a loving smile of remembrance, 

Thank you to the Prowers County Aggie 4-H Club, who made pretty March 17 cards with tempura paints.

It was nice to see the sixth grade through senior honor roll printed in the newspaper.

The Eads senior Baccalaureate Service is April 28 and 6:30 p.m. at Praise Community Church for family and friends.

Thank you to Brian and Sherry Evringham’s daughters, who came to do a bubble-breaking dance to Jaton’s “bubble machine.” Andariel, Izstacia, and Uremiki danced breaking bubbles on bubble wrap. They helped Jaton serve refreshments that afternoon.

Looking at the moon eclipse last week was so historic and exciting for us and others.

Do make positive history for yourself.