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About Town – January 29, 2024

Doris Lessenden

“This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us Rejoice in it.” Psalm 118:22

Greetings, Reader Friends. When I typed that scripture, I automatically began to sing that little scripture melody that some of us are acquainted with.

There is so much to rejoice about here in southeast Colorado. I often remark to my tablemates when we watch the news about flooding, snow blizzards, mobs, or disasters. “Oh, aren’t you glad we live here in southeast Colorado?” You know, this is a good place to live. We feel safe. There is good food and care here. We love and appreciate all the nurses, cooks, housekeepers, and all the people of occupations who make Weisbrod Hospital and Prairie Pines Assisted Living Community to be desirable places to live. Since I made the move here to Weisbrod, I am very pleased and grateful for the company and good caregivers.

The school and national sports world is really in full swing. Every weekend, our girl and boy wrestlers travel somewhere to tournaments, and the basketball girls and boys are the road somewhere: last Friday in Eads, Cheraw and Saturday, Kim, came to Eads. That was a special evening for Chad Barnett, who turned 40. His friends went over to the cafeteria where Chad worked for many years to wish him a happy birthday. Best wishes to this smiley young man, who we appreciate and enjoy in our community.

The game time that many of us are really looking forward to is February 9 when, between the girls’ and boys’ games with Cheyenne Wells, the 1984 Girls State Basketball Champions will be recognized with their coaches, Gail Crawford and Assistant Coach Howard Mestas. There are eight more gold balls for State Champion ships since then. The Eads Eagles have experienced such exciting years at state tournaments.

For the basketball and wrestling teams through the years, we have been blessed with great coaches, and supportive parents and teachers. It was wonderful for me to experience many of those years as a Pep Club sponsor and fan.

Wednesday morning, there were many posts on Facebook in tribute to a member of the Kit Carson Volunteer Fire Department who had died, but no name. I was troubled all day and, in the evening, heard the sad news that it was a car accident that caused the death of a young husband and father who lives south east of Kit Carson, Mark Hogan. Mark is the son of Tim and Janice Hogan. This is such a sad time for the family and friends and students of his wife.

Congratulations to the Wild Horse historic school volunteers and the volunteers of the Kit Carson Museum, train park, and mechanical display park who were awarded $3,500 and $2,500, respectively, for repair and upkeep of these buildings. Thanks to the Eastern Colorado Bank for their generosity for the good of the communities and tourism.

Weisbrod Hospital invites people to come at 9:00 a.m. every Thursday morning to enjoy “coffee hour” and treats with the residents. For years there were a lot of people who used to come, but following Covid-19, it seems lots of people became used to sleeping longer and wanting a to stay home. We would like company here, too. The same invitation is true for Prairie Pines Assisted Living Community, which hosts its coffee hour each Thursday at 2:00 p.m.

PROMO Government - Medical Weisbrod Memorial Hospital Eads Colorado - Chris Sorensen

Weisbrod Memorial Hospital in Eads, Colorado. © / Chris Sorensen

It is a good thing that high school students who want to participate in competitive sports can do so. If they can arrange to travel for practice and play with another nearby school, they can do so. For example, Issac Splitter of Sheridan Lake - Plainview High School - wrestles with the Holly Team.

Our sympathy is extended to former Eads student, Joanie Rehm Grayson, whose husband, Carl, died in an accident. Joan and her young son live in Oklahoma. Joanie is the daughter of the late Gary Rehm and Christine.

Remember Eads area senior citizens that February 1 is the monthly brunch at the Eads Senior Citizen Center. You can look forward to the third Wednesday of the month. You are welcome to bring a food to share or leave a donation at the sign in table.

Last Sunday, there was a large benefit, auction, and drawing at the Wiley school to support young Landyn Weeks, an eighth grade student, who has cancer again. His parents, Dee and Samantha Weeks, and his sister really do appreciate the generous donations and friendship from so many people from many communities. Let us continue our prayers and support to this precious family and his grandparents in Eads, Tim and Sylvia Weeks and Allen and Marie Watts.