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Arizona Attorney General warns of scams ahead of Super Bowl in February

Cameron Arcand

(The Center Square)- As the Phoenix Metropolitan Area prepares for the Super Bowl next month, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is warning consumers about scammers ahead of the big game.

“It’s important for all Arizonans to remain vigilant and protect themselves from scams around big events like the Super Bowl,” said Attorney General Kris Mayes in a news release on Wednesday.

“I urge Arizonans to take precautions when making purchases and arranging accommodations. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” Mayes added.

The release said that football fans need to be extra careful when purchasing tickets from unverifiable sources. To prevent being scammed, they suggest buying tickets from “trusted vendors” and avoiding purchasing from strangers on websites like Craigslist. In addition, they recommend purchasing with credit cards in case it turns out to be fake.

As seats to the NFL championships are going for anywhere from $6,000 to $35,000 on Ticketmaster, the office also warns people to “be wary” of advertisements for suspiciously low prices.

Besides tickets, they also warned that scammers could potentially take money from people for lodging accommodations with a phony property listing. According to the news release, they say to make sure there is “written confirmation” and to make sure that a company or individual can be contacted during “normal business hours,” preferably by phone and not just texting.

The Super Bowl with be held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale February 12. In addition to the Super Bowl, the Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale is scheduled for the same weekend.