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Colorado State Patrol say gas station list email is a scam


The Colorado State Patrol is warning the public of an online scam offering the public a "list" of gas stations recently impacted by credit card skimming devices.

The Colorado State Patrol recently became aware of an email scam in circulation.  The email subject line says, "WARNING: Recent Contactless Payment Processors Scam"  Within the fake email, it purports that the contactless payment systems at gas stations are damaged with a hole, thus directing you to insert/swipe your card to pay. When you do, a skimming device steals your card information.

At the bottom of the email, they offer a 'link' to a current list of impacted gas stations. Do not click the link as it could contain malware, phishing scams, or the like.

The Colorado State Patrol has no involvement with these emails. We caution the public to be wary of mass emails that contain links, false information, or items to be downloaded that falsely claim to be associated with the Patrol. 

Although we cannot speak to the tactic they mention within the email, please be wary of damage you see to the payment systems at gas stations and take proper precautions to avoid being a victim of fraudulent charges and identity theft.  

Below is an example of this email.