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Slim Randles
Slim Randles

“Did you read the paper from the city today?” asked Steve. The rest of us shook our heads no. Most everything pertaining to us occurs on the pages of the Valley Weekly Miracle or is deliberately excluded for the same reason.

“I’ve been following that flat story, you know,” Steve said, nodding yes to Mavis for a coffee refill. “Haven’t heard how that went yet.’

“Flat story?” asked Doc.

“Yeah. You know them guys who think the Earth is flat and went to Antarctica to prove it?”

“You’re kidding.”

“No. Really. They said those pictures of Earth from satellites and astronauts and the moon was all faked by Hollywood so people wouldn’t know the truth. They swear the Earth is flat and that if you go to Antarctica, you can find where the Earth ends, and I guess you can fall off into space or something.”

“That’s ridiculous,” said Doc.

“You ever been to Antarctica, Doc?”


“Me neither. Always sounded too dang cold a place to have much fun there. But them flat Earth folks just had to go.”

“And if they fall off,” asked Herb. “What then?”

“Then I think I’ll order breakfast,” Steve grinned.

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