How to Add Walking to Your Daily Routine

How to Add Walking to Your Daily Routine
Published Monday, February 3, 2020
by Feature Staff

Even though you know walking is good for you, sometimes it's just difficult to fit it into a busy schedule. It can be tough to work in a walk between errands, work, and volunteer obligations. Don't let these barriers keep you from figuring out how to add walking to your daily routine.

Phone a Friend

Walking can be a great social activity and carrying on a conversation while walking intensifies the exercise a bit. Setting a time to meet-up with a friend for a walk adds motivation because most people won't want to let a friend down. Inviting co-workers for a lunchtime stroll gets the team out of the office and into the fresh air. Plus, it's a great opportunity to build relationships and renew energy for the next project.

Add a little fun with a quick scavenger hunt, or a decorative lightweight cane or walking stick. You can choose a cane that folds or collapses into a carrying bag to keep in your car. Your friends will get a kick out of your sense of walking style, and you'll get gain confidence and support with a walking stick.

Make it Convenient

It shouldn't take a lot of thought to be ready for a walk. Just keep a pair of walking shoes in your tote bag or the car so they will be right there when you have a few minutes to take a walk. Don't worry too much about finding the perfect walking trail--if you've only got a few minutes, you can spend them walking the length of the parking lot and back, or around the block. When you are thinking about how to add walking to your daily routine, don't overcomplicate the situation.

Park Less, Walk More

Many of your daily errands or activities are within walking distance of one another. Find a centrally located place to park, and then walk to the dry cleaner, the grocery store, and the pharmacy. Think of going back to the car to drop off your purchase or your newly clean, pressed clothes as bonus steps. Getting around places you visit a lot on foot, instead of driving around looking for the closest parking place, will give you new a perspective.

If you drive to work each day, choose the spot in the lot farthest away from your building, and walk from there. In fact, any time you find yourself in the car, plan to park farther away from your destination than you usually do. This is a great way to get some walking in when you have to be out and about anyway.


Avoid getting in a rut with your walk by adding something to it. Listen to music or an audiobook, or join a walk for a favorite charitable cause. You could also plan to accomplish something along the way, such as picking up litter, collecting shells and rocks, or visiting local historic sites.

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