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Kiowa County Deputy involved in fatal shooting fired

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Chris Sorensen

Kiowa County Deputy Quinton Stump, who was involved in a fatal shooting earlier this year, was fired in late November by the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office following an off-duty incident that also involved a gun.

According to disciplinary documents from KCSO, Stump was a passenger in a vehicle during the late evening of September 24 or early morning of September 25. The documents allege that Stump was intoxicated and fired two rounds from his duty-issued firearm at a highway sign near Eads, a violation of multiple Office policies.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was requested to assist in a review of the incident and returned a report to Corporal Josh Swanson November 13 outlining eight policy violations. While Stump was terminated for the violations, the documents note that CBI will handle a criminal investigation.

Stump’s termination comes after two previous warnings.

In April, Stump and Undersheriff Tracy Weisenhorn were involved in the fatal shooting of Zachary Gifford of Eads following a traffic stop. Gifford was a passenger in the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. After a struggle, shots were fired and Gifford died from gunshot wounds. Neither Stump or Weisenhorn were injured, and both were placed on administrative leave. The investigation into that incident continues.

The Record of Verbal or Written Reprimand or Termination can be viewed at the link below.