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Opinion - The current Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) plan for reintroducing wolves into Colorado is deeply flawed

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Randy Dannemann, Hotchkiss, Colorado

What is missing are plans to re-introduce Wolves into all 13 Colorado Counties that voted overwhelmingly in support for Wolf Re-introduction. These Counties have thousands of acres that already support successfully other Predators they have learned to co-exist with. The rest of the 41 Colorado Counties, by vote, are not in favor for Re-introduction.

I would think by rejecting the Wolf Re-introduction recent ballot question, the remaining 41 Colorado Counties are also not in favor of their taxpayer involvement in paying for the program. The current CPW Wolf Re-introduction imposes unimaginable current and future hardship on innocent Colorado Livestock Ranchers who already have enough necessary and productive things for their Livestock Operations to occupy their time.

The Ranching Business is a tough one in the best of times and currently includes many Negative Economic factors beyond control of the Livestock Industry or individual Ranchers. Adding to the Negative Economic Factors by Re-introducing Wolves may indeed force some Ranchers into Bankruptcy. I cannot imagine the Insurance Industry will overlook the additional risks involved in Livestock Production given the questionable nature of fully documenting Wolf Kills by CPW Agents necessary for reimbursement by the Reintroduction program. The recent rejection by CPW Agents for Wolf Kill payment for the Meeker area Rancher who lot 22 Cattle Calves in a Mass Killing Event certainly amplifies the Uncertain Economic Risk going forward.

Wolves were once eliminated due to their problematic behavior, they do migrate into other areas. I don't think we need them re-introduced again. Interested parties should contact either your Colorado Legislators or:

Ms. Heather Disney Dugan, Director
Colorado Parks & Wildlife
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216