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Signatures submitted for initiative to require economic impact summary

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Jackie Mitchell, Ballotpedia

(The Center Square) In Colorado, signatures were submitted for a citizen-initiated ballot measure on March 27. The ballot initiative would require that an economic impact statement be included on the ballot for each measure, before the question itself is presented to voters. The economic impact statement would need to state the effect the measure would have on state employment, and state GDP, state and local government revenue, expenditures, taxes, and fiscal liabilities.

The initiative is sponsored by Protect Colorado, an organization that promotes oil and natural gas development in Colorado. Campaign finance reports covering information through Dec. 7, 2023, show that the committee raised $3.4 million, with contributions from oil and gas companies including Chevron, Phillips 66, and Occidental Petroleum.

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To qualify for the ballot, 124,238 valid signatures are required.

Protect Colorado is also sponsoring other initiatives, including one that would prohibit laws or regulations restricting consumers’ choice of energy sources. Signatures for the initiative are due by April 18, 2024.

From 2000 through 2022, 70 initiatives have been on the ballot in Colorado during even-numbered years. Of the 70 initiatives, 29 were approved (41.43%) and 41 were defeated (58.57%). An average of about 6 measures were on the ballot during even-numbered years.

So far, one initiative has been certified for the 2024 ballot. The initiative would limit property tax revenue from increasing beyond 4% growth from the total statewide property tax revenue collected in the previous year. Statewide voter approval would be required to retain property tax revenue above the cap.

Other initiatives that have been approved for circulation include measures that would ban abortion, create a right to abortion, prohibit restrictions on energy sources, create a constitutional right to school choice, change requirements for parole eligibility, provide for law enforcement funding, and more.

Also on the ballot are three constitutional amendments from the state legislature. The amendments would:

  • expand the property tax exemption for veterans with a disability to veterans with individual unemployability status;
  • create an independent judicial discipline adjudicative board and create rules for the judicial discipline process; and
  • remove the right to bail in cases of first-degree murder when proof is evident and presumption is great.